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  1. I'm planning on getting pixel done for my full face in February. I have pretty bad scars and very uneven complexion (red marks, blotchy, oily in areas) It will be my first time, I'm pretty tolerant to pain so I'm going to request the Dr to go aggressive at max. Do you guys recommend that? Also to those that have got it done, did you notice a decrease in oil production?
  2. Hey guys, i'm having a treatment package of pixel (1 session) and smartxide dot (3 sessions) as recommended by my Dr. Overall it's costing me an arm and a leg - approx $3,500 CDN. I decided to go for this because as a long time acne sufferer I'm now dealing with uneven skin complexion and scarring. Anybody undergone these procedures? If so, did it work? And How much did you pay? I'm at my ends witt, so this is the final fight using laser technology. I plan on doing it sometime in February. I'm g
  3. hey i'm like 10 days into the tane, and no dry lips yet! when will i expect to see it?
  4. what if i have really oily skin and go on accutane. do i still need to moisturize? i see that whenever i moisturize i break out, i dont want to take any changes. i have pretty large pores and i guess they get clogged easily.
  5. so i was going to go in for a bloodtest this morning but out of habit, went and grabbed a banana to eat plus a cereal bar before hand. i know you're not suppose to eat or drink anything for at least 10 hours before the test. you think by having what i had, would it affect my tests scores? this test if for accutane. i'd hate to reschedule. got i hate myself for flubbin up!!
  6. if you're serious about clearing up then you should hold off. but it's your choice.