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  1. Hey! have been on roaccutane 40mg for over a month! still experiencing redness on cheeks, nose and Not around my eyes. Have 11 more weeks left. Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. Saturday/Sunday/Monday (Days 20,21,22) Face is Looking great!, redness has calmed down ALOT but flares ups and downs, lips are just very dry along with my arms and hands. Red cyst on nose is gradually calming down and going away. Back is calming down too, very pleased with results so far. Moodwise! Pretty good! Tho still take the random temperature flares, had a fair few at uni today!could be nerves who knows! ive always taken them! Was reading up a fair bit more on Roacc too as well in u
  3. as a pharmacy student im actually quite interested in what you have to say and quite surprised at the results obtained in the photographs, it looks very promising. It would be interesting to see the images between a patient with similar severity and type of acne on oral meds compared to the patient w/o oral meds. Im intrigued as to what you mean regarding decision making on the patients behalf?
  4. Just out of curiosity what sort of creams have you tried? and oral tablets?
  5. THURSDAY / FRIDAY (DAY 18 / DAY 19) Have now developed a large red cystic spot on the bridge of my nose along with a whitehead trying to surface between my eyebrows on the middle of the nose! so much for me saying my skin was Spotless! Lips are quite dry, and a bit of facial redness still! Another thing.. even though its cold outside.. im constantly warm! who knows whats going on there.. but it could be psychological, need to sit back and have a good think. Regards dryness on hands.. used n
  6. Thats another thing, im obsessed with muse.. i have managed to see them three times this year lol.. even went to france to see them live!
  7. Hi Steven, One ahead on ya! i have been using for the past week : Avene Anti Redness Light moisturiser spf 10. Its been working great to reduce the redness and is light enough to wear during the day so your face doesn't look too greasy. Plus the sun protection factor stops u getting burnt due to roaccutane making your skin hypersensitive! As regards my acne.. was moderate to start off with.. but as of today u wouldnt think i have any.. bar some scars.. things are looking good so far.. how
  8. Hey! im from the UK as well and on the same dose as u. Strangely enough ive had the flushing myself! Tho im using the avene anti redness light moisturiser spf 10 during the day. it seems to calm it down quite a bit. im now entering my third week of it. check out my diary if its anyhelp to you!
  9. yep! roaccutane has proved very very effective! After finishing the course you will find your acne will still improve. It has high remission rates due to the shrinkage of the sebaceous glands. Also Im glad you decided to stop the panoxyl! Products like that are advised against whilst on roaccutane as they are " keratolytic " i.e.strip the top layer of skin really. Whilst you are on roaccutane the skin will be more fragile due to the drugs mechanism of action and will be prone to shedding, usi
  10. Hey! Im a 20 Year Old Student, Studying Pharmacy and I have plagued by acne since ive been 16 and having been through every antibiotic thats indicated for use in acne treatment, i finally managed to get my head round to getting started on roaccutane. Due to the widespread scare and hoo-ha on the use of roaccutane i thought i would try and share a little information on it including my thoughts and symptoms as i go through it in the hope that its a help to someone! (p.s i hope i dont confuse you