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    I have a love-hate relationship with drawing.
  1. 44 days post-tane Pimple free =) I've probably jinxed it now, but red marks aside my skin is doing very well. I ordered some Green Cream and have been using it for a little over a week now. I think I can tell a difference in skin texture (so smooth!) but the scars are still hanging around. I've started using natural soap (goat's milk and vegetable oils, a woman and her husband make it locally) which is super nice, and jojoba oil to moisturize. So far so good! I need to remember to book my fol
  2. 22 Days Post-Tane Pimple! Just one, and with the help of the cream my derm left me a prescription for, it's drying up at an okay rate. But the fact that I got one so soon after is doing nothing for my nerves. Otherwise I'm going pretty well, my hair is getting oilier again (nooooo!) but nothing even CLOSE to before. Eyes are less dry, as well as my lips. I think my moods are less insane too. Thank god.
  3. Day 180 (8 days post-tane) Face is okay. Red marks haven't faded but I didn't really expect them to so quickly anyhow. I have one of those deep hard bumps on my jawline again though. Auuuugh leave me aloooone! *cries*
  4. Day 172 (1 day post-tane) Monday, my dermatologist decided that I was all done. I had some pills left to finish but today is my FIRST day without any 'tane whatsoever. Right now I am pleased enough. No active pimples (but still lots of red marks), and he said my skin had done very very well. He told me the marks should fade in up to TWO YEARS! That's a long time, but I hope my acne is still gone two years from now. Hmmm I will probably post a finished picture later tonight or tomorrow (with
  5. Day 159 Big pimple gone, new one coming out. Screw this, this is such crap.
  6. Day 152 Getting really close to the end, here... The last couple of derm appointments, she has been calculating my total dosage, and asks if I am still getting pimples (which I am). I think if I said no, I would have been done a month ago. I'm actually a little bit scared, though. my skin is still doing what it has done since starting Accutane. It's good for a while (red marks aside), then I get 1-3 really big ones that take forever to heal. Once those go, the cycle repeats. Like, I STILL hav
  7. Day 138 New pimple. It's going to be biiiig. But my right cheek is still looking nice.
  8. I just realized after washing my face today, that my right cheek (the better one) looks almost normal from a normal distance away. Almost. The pink/red marks have a ways to go yet, but yay! Visible improvement! Catch up, left cheek!
  9. Day 133 No menstrual cycle-related breakout this month! (gross I know, but this is good!) Well okay there was one, but it didn't really surface, just dried out. Awesome. One cheek is still quite a bit worse than the other, I don't understand why. It's weird. But for a few days I had NO clogged pores on my cheeks. I was so excited, thinking that was it, I would be good until I'm off the drug, but nope. I have a few again. But it's better than the giant pimples.
  10. Day 125 Waiting for PMS-related pimples to start popping up again. Not much to say. Feeling pretty down.
  11. Day 111 I SO want to be done now. I'm tired of being .... well, tired. Physically, emotionally DRAINED all the time. I don't think I have ever cried as much as I have in the past few months. Not to mention, I am still getting pimples. Big ones that I can't hide. Well, I can't quit now. Dermatologist on Monday. Maybe they can recommend something to help dry out the big guys.
  12. Day 105 Pretty certain that my acne is at least somewhat hormonal. I always get 1-4 big, HARD pimples right before and during my period. Awesome. Does Accutane do anything for that ? Can ANYTHING do anything for that? Took more pictures, the red marks look terrible.
  13. DAY 100! More than halfway done! 100 days sounds like such a long time! And even though I don't post progress pictures, and I complain more than I talk about the improvements, my skin is better than it has been in a very long time. Having said that, there is a big sucker that will be out just in time for Christmas. Bastard.
  14. Day 98 Holy crap, almost 100 days But I'm still not clear and the side effects are really getting to me.
  15. Day 92 Trying so SO hard to leave my face alone... if I just got a few small ones at a time, even like... 5-10, it would be so much better than the three GIANTS I get on my cheeks a few times a month. I'm considering Zeno or something to help get rid of these suckers, but it's so expensive, and the mixed reviews make me nervous. Plus, can you use something like that while on Accutane?