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  1. Thanks for the replys its nice to kno someone else is seeing some improvment and its not just in my head. Hope you have as much luck as im having with it.
  2. Day 40 60mg Daily Well today is day 40 on acctuane, I can see alot of improvemnet in my skin I have maybe 3 actives on my face, and alotof red marks and scarring, i couldnt be happier with the results so far. My lips are still dry but not as bad, thats the only side effect that im really having my skin is a little dry but nothing noticable, my face is way less oily that it ever was. Found out i might be deploying to Iraq at the end of March so that means i would only go for 5 months which sucks
  3. Day 33 Well today is not a good day, i think this bump in dosage in bringing a nice IB, woke up with five white head on my forhead and a huge red pimple on my nose, Just in time for christmas now i can play Rudolph.lol so today sucks. Pimples on the nose are so painful, but im trying not to pick at my face so im gonna leave them alone and see how they do...No New actives on my cheeks or chin though just alot of redness so not all is bad..
  4. Day 31 Well went to the derm. again today and he up'd me to 60mg a day. He also gave me some Vitamin E pills and cetaphil mosturizer (I love military medical sometimes they just give shit out), he really didnt go too much into the vitamin E but he said that it will help with the dryness and scarring? So next appointment isnt until jan 23rd which leaves like two days in between without a dosage (Reason i hate military medical always have some bullshit excuses)...so im thinking of only taking 40
  5. Day 30 Well I just completed my first month on Accutane, and i am very hapy with what i have seen. People at work are telling me that my skin is looking alot better than it was. That really makes the chapped lips, dry nose, and face all worth it. My lips are starting to peel, and my nose is drying out on the inside and that is bugging me more than the lips. My face hasnt been so dry lately but not oily at all like before. Im gonna hve to skip a day without a dose cause my appointment isnt unt
  6. Day 22 Well not much change with my skin i dont have many actives just alot of red spots. Really feeling the chapped lips now, Aquaphor is my best friend throughout the day. My face is also drying out pretty bad. Does anyone have any recommendations for a mosturizer? Im pretty happy so far because im not breaking out like i used to but then again that could just be my mind playing tricks on me cause i think it might be to early to see any real change. I also get headaches from every so often n
  7. Day 6 Well decided to update today because this morning i woke up with a pounding headache, the kind i only get after a long night of drinking, which i did none of yesterday and i think my lips are starting to dry out. Have been putting carmex on regularly since i started to try and get a jump on it, but i can feel them now. My skin acctually isnt doin as bad though, im kind of happy with it right now i mean its not clear by far but it hasnt been like this in a looonnggg time, im just hopng its
  8. Heres my log for somepics with how bad i am....loks much worse that light doesnt make it look so bad...but that for the advice im currently on 40mg a day. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Weekly-Ac...og-t177936.html
  9. Well look forward to seeing how you treatment goes..glad to hear that you have noticed a difference i cant wait till i can start to see something but then again im only on the 4th day. wel good luck and good to hear you stayed strong through some tough times with accutane.
  10. Hope everything works out for you man, im on my third day and i know what you mean about being excited to take the next pill each day...well good luck and look forward to seeeing how things work out for you...
  11. Hey man looks like things are going ok for you im on my 3rd day and so far no drying out hope i can dodge that for a while but look forward to reading your log and hearing your progress since i started about a week behind you.
  12. Yea i hope i see some improvement Im pretty confident from what ive seen around here that ill see change...and i cant wait
  13. Well took my first dose of Accutane today 40mg..Went to my derm. last Friday and already got it today...I thought there would be a little more waiting from what i have read else where..So anyways im making this log to keep track of my progress and see where it takes me i hope i see results like ive seen on this board. Here are some pics to give you an idea of what my face looks like right now Left Cheek Right Cheek And what i looked like when i got off an 8 month deployment using 10% benzoy