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    why u checkin me out<br /><br />no I wont send a pic i have a contract with GQ
  1. I tried all the bottle of scarguard and it didnt work very well. The bump went bright red but didnt really lowered. I will post picture of the actual bump on the nose. Like the above poster said I still didnt found out a real solution and I want to get it sorted.
  2. The less you wash your face, the better. For dry skin it means that you dont wash away the natural oil, so no need for moisturizer. For oily skin, like mine, I found that if you always wash the oil away the skin will produce even more to compensate. The only time I "wash" my face is in the shower and I always switch to mild / cold water because very hot water is more harsh. I just pass my hands on my face gently without scrubing.
  3. bump : I bought some Scarguard MD on ebay, its a gel that contains silicone,cortisone and vitamin E...
  4. I browsed the forum and found that 2 treatments were popular for raised scards : silicone sheets (OTC) and cortisone injections (provided by Dermatologist). After some google I found this website : http://www.psforum.com/scars.htm It explains the treatments and why they should work... Im gonna talk about this to my doctor in few weeks..
  5. Can you post before / after pics? I have a raised scar on my nose and I dont know what to do with it! Thanks for the help...
  6. this is drepressing... I cut the small raised scare on my nose and sticked a bandaid on it for 1 week. Then I looked at it and it was perfect! The skin was even, like there was no scar! But after 1 or 2 days without bandaid (on air) its like the scar had raised again, its now red and there is no improvment... im getting pissed.
  7. I think something is working for my raised scar on the nose! I will post pic when it is fully healed... wont be long.
  8. this is exactly what I was telling to evryone in this thread. I never touch my face, the only time I "clean" it, is when I am in the shower and I let cold water run on it for like 5 seconds. Then I let dry by air. And my face is really oily, its genetic, my father has the same oily skin. But if I dont touch my face I found that it kinda stabilized and the oil is not apparent. Because if I wash it too much the oil is always showing.
  9. I have the same exact problem. Actually I posted a topic about it. Here it is:
  10. I did, no vinegar at all. I stoped AHA and some BP right away. I never touch my face, the cleaning is done by the running water in the shower (cold water for me).
  11. reply to the cleaning post. personally I dont wash my face with my hands in the shower, I have very sensitive skin in the "T-zone", I only let running water do the cleaning. and it make seems odd at first but I dont use soap very often. I had bad body acne before and now its all gone because I just wash with water only. you have to try it.