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  1. yeah here is a good website about the myths of raw milk... http://www.cfsan.fda.gov/~dms/rawmilk.html
  2. It doesn't matter if its raw or not. The milk in the store still has saturated fat and protein that in unchanged. As far as the pasteurization it only destroys very little of the vitamins and minerals. It is a myth that raw is better. Thats how much we are brainwashed. If milk was so bad for us then my grandparents should be dead, but they have drinked milk all there lives and my grandfather is going for 90 and still drives and walks around. He looks like he is in his early 70s. The homogenation
  3. I have really nice skin. I had some really red painful acne pimples on my forehead and they wouldn't go away. So I started to drink a banana, full fat milk, coconut milk, and egg drink! Very High Saturated Fat, High Protein, and High Calorie drink! Anyways ive been doing this for like almost 2 days now and OMG after the first night when I woke up from sleeping my pimple was gone and totally dried up. I have got a feeling that milk and eggs actually clear you up.. Yea I know it sounds crazy.. but
  4. Since going 100% raw look at how clear my face has become! Im always getting compliments of people saying that I look like im 14-16 years old and that my skin is so nice. I get identified just to buy movies because I look so young lol! It is crazy what the power of real food can do to you and for you! Good luck everyone! Check this website out! This women was obese and look what happened to her after she went 100% raw on plant foods! http://www.rawreform.com/
  5. Most people don't follow through with the whole diet thing. More often than not there diet is not going to help much. The best diet that I have seen people have sucess with is a raw plant based diet. Yes it is extreme and might seem insane, but it really does work. Think about it. Eat life and have life. Plants are far superior in nutrition than meat or dairy. Now if it was a matter of survival like our ancestors went through then we would have to kill animals and eat that in the winter time. Ad
  6. Almonds are actually alkalizing. They are good for you if they are raw in there natural state. I wouldn't eat fish oil. You can get all your omega 3 from Walnuts, Flaxseeds, Hempseeds, Garlic has EPA, and Hempseed has GLA. Two very important EFAs.
  7. Stop smoking today! It will be that much easier once 1-1-08 comes. The sooner you stop the better it is for you.
  8. All good information Jennifer. You can get all those vitamins and minerals in one drink called the Green Smoothie! So easy to do and so good for you. One mineral that I think is very important that most people over look is Sulphur. David Wolfe found that acne patients eating Radishes most often than not cured there acne. MSM is a good supplement. It is even better though to eat the real food containing MSM.
  9. Eat real chocolate. Cacao Beans. Get them at www.sunfood.com Most of all of us have never had real chocolate before. Cacao is one of the most powerfulest foods on the planet. Go figure!
  10. The number one mineral I believe that helps acne and that David Wolfe recommends is Sulphur. So MSM or eat foods that have Sulphur in them like Radishes.
  11. I have posted here before just so you all know. Well anyways one of my goals is to pursue a degree in nutrition. So I thought that I would share a really big piece of information in helping to heal acne and having a glowing complexion. Today I bought a really cheap blender. It is a hamilton beach and cost me 11 dollars at walmart. It looks like the magic bullet in size. Anyways make green smoothy drinks! It is one of the best things you can do for your skin and your overall health. All you do is
  12. You have to remember that the meat we buy in supermarkets is not healthy. The meat we eat is radically different than the meat people ate hundreds and thousands of years ago. Animals were hunted and eaten. Animals ate grass and not grains. Also if you have a pet take a good look at it. Do you love it? Is it your friend? Do you have the desire to inflict pain upon something? Does it make it any better that someone does it for you? The amount of food we give to raise animals to slaughter could be
  13. You have to ask yourself questions in order to find answers. What foods have the most nutrient density per calorie. Clearly the vegetables stand at the top of the mountain. The vegetables have all the vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and the countless other things yet to be discovered to provide nourishment for the human body. Why drink milk? Milk is for babies that are growing. Cows milk is for cows. Human milk is for humans. Clearly every species has there own unique makeup an
  14. Also when you eat the most highly nutritious food on the planet (vegetables and fruits) you will not be consuming very many calories which is a very good thing for those of you who are overweight and want to lose weight. But for those of you who are already very thin or underweight you want to consume good fats which we get in nuts and seeds. To increase your caloric intake all you have to do is eat nuts and seeds. A good example is this. One cup of whole almonds is about 850 calories! Wow! Wha