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  1. naw i wouldnt as long as the girl do me right i wouldnt mind it that much.
  2. yeah i look down and away usally to my right so dey c my left side of my face cuz my right side has a lot more acne.
  3. Is AVC for acne marks and scars? link me up to the thread pleased thanks.
  4. Does an Internal Medicine doctor count as a physcian?
  5. hmm... not sure i'm still waiting for mine.. but in LA where i'm from the walgreens that i went to said about $275.00 for 30, 40 mg pills.
  6. nope they r not all the same price. it only gets high as the mg goes up. accutane is expensiveee hopefully my insurance got me.
  7. hi, i was just wandering how many times do yall take it a day? also how often should i cleanse/mostrioize? day and night? cuz i heard it gives u extremly dry skin . and i'm using the Chap Stick brand chap stick do yall think it will be good enough for my lips or do yall think i need an upgrade? also when should i take it? night time morning? and should i take it with food or w/o?
  8. is it cool if i still take tane while on a cold?
  9. wzup, im gonna be on accutane soon, hopefully somewhere around this upcoming monday. and i'm really concerned about the side affect hair loss. i was wandering if there are any thing i can do to help prevent this problem. cuz u know i gotta have my hair if pubes are loss im cool wit dat. tho. and i had a dream the other day... I was getting wit this girl and stuff. While i was getting laid the beezy was like weezy what happen to ur braids while i was getting laid? And I was like I'm on acc