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  1. Hiiiii guysss! I haven't updated in so long! It's been almost one month since I stopped taking accutane! My lips feel SO good! Hahaha. So its clear, except that spot on my right cheek. I believe those pimples were formed while I was still on accutane and they are still here. It's annoying! I popped few, but it didn't help. For my hyperpigmentation I use snail cream which is good. I'm going to derm in few to see what are we going to do next, if we're gonna do chemical peel or no.
  2. @shadylee thank you! I'm glad :-) So i went to derm on monday and she was content. I mean it was cool when she wrote in report 'no acne' but hyperpigmentation is still here. She told me to put only moisturizer for like three weeks, then I'm going to another appointment and I'm starting with Eucerin serum, I'll post a pic, then I'll have some fruit acid treatment or chemical peel treatment. So far, I feel good. :-)
  3. Thank you so much for keeping up with my story. Excited to share whats next with you!
  4. Truth. I'm having my derm appointment next Monday so I'll let you know what we will do with my marks, maybe it'll help to someone. Thank you! :-)
  5. STARTING MY LAST WEEK OF ROACCUTANE I'm clear. You can only see blemishes and my skin is super soft and has great texture. I do have few blackheads on my right cheek but it's not a big of a deal. Everything is amazing. I can't wait for the end. It seriously seems unbelievable.
  6. 24th week 13 more days!!! The situation is the same & people tell me that my skin looks healthy. Happyyyyy Can't wait to start treatments for blemishes!
  7. @shadylee thank you! @iwantcafune yep, i think i'll order it
  8. 17 more days!!! So yesterday I accidentally skipped pills. This often happens to me when I'm close to the end, no matter what kind of pills I take, but its okay, I'll drink one more day than I'm supposed to Wanted to ask, if someone has heard of SNAIL SLIME for blemishes? Here are today's pics. Looks good.
  9. Week 23 I am so close to the end. 19 days more, I think so. What can happen more in 19 days? Can you guess which side of my face I hate?
  10. Visited derm this morning I asked her about those extra pills & she said if I take those 3 pills extra or less, it won't mean anything, or something like that Knowing me, I'll take some extra. We were talking about scars, so after I finish my course, she will put me on differin gel or skinoren (I used both of these creams back in day) and fruit acid treatment, but we will talk about it in March. And month after I finish the course, I can continue with my "normal" life : give blood,
  11. @jPablo thank you, its unbelievable! Feeling more confident
  12. Woohoo, big thanks to the team of acne.org who fixed my problem. Had my test taken today & tomorrow I have my appointment with derm. You have no idea how much I can't wait to start with therapy for my scars. Right now, my face is like 95% clear. I can feel maybe two bumps, nothing special, but I do have scars, as you can see. 25 more days! I will have some extra pills, so I will ask her tomorrow if I can drink them as well or I'll stop on March 26th. Here are some pics from this mornin