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  1. I actually stopped taking all my medication as of December 2008. and I'm still doing ok.
  2. oh, the potato mask.. I just grate it, add some flour and just put it on my face!
  3. From the album: My life with Acne

    Hi all! It's been two month since I posted the latest picture. since then, I definetely saw big improvement. My skin got softer and more even, and scars started to fade. I'm only using BP at night after I put my facial lotion. Maybe that's why i'm having little bumps on my forehead and my chin. However it isn't that noticeable. I currently don't have more acne anywhere else so it seems that pores are getting smaller and scars getting lighter. Morning: Carley's Smooth & Clear Soa
  4. Thank you thank you! are you using bP too? You wrote this post awhile ago. I'm sorry for the late reply. Actually the BP lotion will dry your skin extremely, so you would have to put lots of cream. If you want dry skin, this might be a good choice.
  5. Thank you thank you! are you using bP too?
  6. From the album: My life with Acne

    I took this picture on March 9th. My skin got extremely better after visiting Palm Springs for a few days. I realized that water is very important. I started using BR only at night and that completely reduced the flakiness. My skin is very soft and even now. And because it does not dry my skin, my skin gets somewhat oily during the day. Also I stopped taking tetracycline and spiroloactone because I got lazy and that gave me little bumps on my forehead. So now I'm back on tetracycline.
  7. ypA81

    2004- Proactiv

    Proactiv works really well. But I know that it'll stop working eventually. So why not just try Dan's? It works well too!
  8. From the album: My life with Acne

    So it's been exactly one month since I started DKR. I'm so grateful that I started this regimen. REALLY! Everyone's been complimenting that my skin improved alot. I still have alot of scars on my jawline but they can easily be covered with makeup and my hair. The reason I didn't post my pictures until now is because I couldn't see much difference on the pictures. They are mostly scars and even the bumps are not shown on the pictures. I probably have about 5 bumps on my jawline. I think the majo
  9. From the album: My life with Acne

    My skin was getting more dry as I was increasing BP. I think I spent almost 30 mins just to wash my face and put BP. this is very time consuming but no pain no gain. It took me more time in the morning because I have to wait until my lotion dries to put makeup on. ugh..... My skin was getting lighter and lighter everyday and cystic acnes were getting smaller. yey
  10. From the album: My life with Acne

    By week 2, almost all the bumps on my face (only above jawline) were gone, and the pore size diminished. I didn't expected to have that much improvement on my chin and jawline anyways, so I just followed Dan's instruction on increasing the BP little by little and being gentle on the skin. How could I be so gentle when they are itching craaaaaaaaaazy??????? Look at my neck! I don't care anymore. I'd rather scratch them than go insane. hahaha
  11. From the album: My life with Acne

    I started to see improvements on my skin almost immediately. Maybe after 3 days or so, redness was going away too. However, my skin was veeeeery itchy and flaky. VERY VERY FLAKY!!!
  12. ypA81

    Day 1

    From the album: My life with Acne

    Pictures of Day 1. these are same pictures as the previous ones.
  13. Has anyone tried BP only once a day and still had a good result? I started using BP about a week ago, and I used it twice a day for the first two days and it made my skin way to dry and itchy. So i'm only using it at night. Is it ok?
  14. From the album: My life with Acne

    right i know God is going to help me. PLEEEEEEEEEEESE I'll be super duper good next year.
  15. From the album: My life with Acne

    left Look at alll the damages from Carley's smooth and clear. Poor me Poor me. This is way to sad.... maybe I should've just stayed with Proactiv from the beginning????? What do you think?
  16. From the album: My life with Acne

    So now i'm 26... and I still have acnes all over my face. It's actually worse than how it was when i was teenager. It's all hormonal? I went to a dermatologist a couple days ago, and started Spirololactone 50mg and Tetracycline. Hopefully this will all work next year. I can't live with these acnes. u know? It's so embarassing to even post all these pictures on a public website....... anyways, I think my skin looks really red because it is not ajusted to BP yet. Plus it's getting kinda itchy now.
  17. From the album: My life with Acne

    You see that those acnes are going lower on my neck? That's what it eventaully happend by end of 4th month on Carley. So I had to stop it.
  18. From the album: My life with Acne

    what about these???? howcome i'm getting these on my neck?
  19. From the album: My life with Acne

    This is when I was Carley's for about 2 months. The company told me it takes about 6-8 weeks to see an improvement, so I patiently waited. They were right. My skin was starting to get clear. but somehow I got more cystic acnes on my neck. ouch
  20. From the album: My life with Acne

    So obviously chinese herbs didn't work. I decided to try Carley's. Wow. what a miracle. It's giving me an inch big acne all over my face. even on my neck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this possible???????
  21. From the album: My life with Acne

    March 2007. I really hated Sulfacet-R. After researching for days and weeks, I decided to quit Sulfacet-R and take chinese herbal medine which my friend recommended. Let me tell you this. When you are sick you have to go see a doctor. when you have acne, you must see a dermatologist!