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  1. Has anyone tried BP only once a day and still had a good result? I started using BP about a week ago, and I used it twice a day for the first two days and it made my skin way to dry and itchy. So i'm only using it at night. Is it ok?
  2. Thanks for all your replies!! I started the DKR yesterday. yey Wish me good luck!! I'm going to create a gallery for myself. old pictures when I was on Proactiv, Sulfacet-R, and Carley's Clear and Smooth. It's very intersting how my skin gets so good when i'm on medication and 1000x worse when I stop it. by the way I hated Carley's Clear and Smooth the MOOOOOOOOOOST!
  3. I'm a 26 year old female and ever since I was young I always had acne. I was on Accutane when I was in high school, then I used Proactiv for 3 years, and Sulfur 10% for 1 year. Now I have moderate acnes all over my face and about 20 huuuuge cystic acnes on my jawline. My dermatologist recommended Retin-A, but would Dan's regime work well on my skin too? Would it make my acne really worse in the beginning? Help!!
  4. I used Proactiv for as long as I can remember. ok.. maybe 3 years. I used it during my college years. From my experience, I must admit that 1) Proactiv works miraculously only in the beginning. 3-6 months. 2) Then it gets less and less effective. 3) It makes skin oily. 4) It slowly burns the skin and cause skin discoloration. (example, darker skin tone, redness) 5) If you stop Proactiv, acne gets 1000x worse. By end of third year, Proactiv stopped working. I see alot of comments from the P