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  1. Try Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I really like not having to use something that stings - this one works really well - and no sting!
  2. yes, and vitamin c is great - lozenges - hold in back of your throat - get the kind that won't affect the enamel on your teeth - and don't take too many or youll get a stomach ache!
  3. i've been using jojoba oil & cellfood for 7 months & B4 for +- 4 months
  4. I really wanted to post on here about vitamin B6 and 2 topicals that have been life-savers for my skin. I am clear really except when I drink alcohol or eat chocolate or candy/fruit juice/soda. vitamin B6 - I am taking 20 milligrams in three divided doses. So 60 milligrams total. It does case detox - my skin broke out almost instantly when I first started, that lasted for a week, then I kept breaking out the more I added, but now my skin looks great. I started with one 20 milligram tablet t