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  1. Some are completely flat. Like it is even difficult to notice. Some like 80-90% flatter than before. There is also a risk that the scars will start "sinking" if you get too many injections. The color is also a lot paler than before. I've had 2 rounds with Kenalog. And i am still using Dermovat, which is a very strong topical steroid. I am pretty sure that my skin will get even more better. Though i know i will never get a perfect skin, but i am okay with this.
  2. I just wanna show what is possible in terms of improving severe hypertrophic scars. First pic was taken roughly about year ago. And i am still improving. Treatment - Injected corticosteroids - Silicone-sheets - Dermovat (Probably strongest topical steroid) - Massaging the scars - TIME
  3. SO! I finally got my scars injected with corticosteroids. This is the result after SIX (6) days! My scars are getting flatter and paler. And i am healing these for the next three months. Can't wait to see the results then. Dermatologist also prescripted me Dermovat, which is one of the strongest topical corticosteroids. If you are in the same situation that i was, go to a dermatologist. Silicone gel wont do shit. I wish this gives a hope to someone else too. Will keep you updated.
  4. I had a horrific acne breakout about an year a go and had to take 6 months accutane course. Accutane worked like magic and my face is 100% clear, but after that i got these super cool hypertrophic scars on my chest and shoulders, which look like acne but doesn't go away. I know i can't get rid off them completely and i'm okay with that, but when i can start waiting to see even for little improvement? At the moment i use silicone gel. Will it help for theee scars and what do you recommend? Has