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  1. Julia, take it from an old guy like me....YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF! NO MATTER WHAT! I used to spend so much time stressing out about my appearance and not socializing, but it's not worth it. You miss out on alot when you walk around with your head down all the time. Keep your head up, and be happy & confident with who you are! In my opinion, it's the first step in beating IT! Smile!
  2. I have been suffering from severe cystic acne for over 15 years. I'm 33 now. Although it has it's good days, I still continue to go through life feeling inadequate. However, I am coming to the realization that the more you stress over it, the worse it is. Having a positive attitude and a good laugh everyday is key! Trust me, I know how hard it is! From what I have seen on here, I think my condition is the worst! Still, I keep my chin up! Good luck to you all!!!!!!