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  1. I had/ have scars on my nose that were much worse. I received a treatment with the new Fraxel repair laser and they are pretty much gone. I had rolling scars and icepick, now there are just two very slight indentations. The only thing is the done time was not fun! The first two days my nose was weepy and bloody and now 3 weeks later it is dry and pink but healing. It was tough but worth it!
  2. I recently got a treatment on the brand new fraxel repair laser. It uses a co2 laser but supposedly with out as much downtime and risk. It has been 5 days since my treatment and my skin has peeled leaving this a bumpy kind of pebble texture. It is still red and I think it will peel again which is what they said would happen. I know I still have a lot of healing to do but this bumpy texture is freaking me out! Has anyone received this treatment or had co2 done and did they expierence this "bumpy
  3. I will try that concealer Thanks again!

  4. Thank you for the input I really appreciate it. I am just gonna have to stick it out!! I guess I am just worried because it looks as if i have scarred my self even more! Just scared!Thanks again wish me luck!
  5. I need help I recently did a TCA spot treatment to some scars on my nose and it seemed to be going well until about the 3rd day. The areas became really red and weepy. I think I may have burned my skin. I used 50% only on each small scar and followed the directions. I went to the doctor and he told me to keep it greasy until it heals but I am extremely terrified that i will be permanently scarred (even worse then before) Any one have any words of comfort or their own personal horror stories with
  6. So I had a TCA spot/cross treatment done to some acne scars on my nose. 50% TCA was used. The first day the skin was slightly pink and by the next morning I had developed a kind of thin scab over the areas. Within about 2 days the scabs had pretty much fallen off to reveal very red skin underneath. I thought it would take longer for them to fall off which concerned me. The application was done on Tues evening by Friday morning the scabs were pretty much gone. The new skin is shiny and kind of ti
  7. I just recently did a TCA peel to my nose only. It frosted over like it said but the next day my skin has no change. I was under the impression my skin would be brown and start to peel, the skin is the same color maybe very slightly pink but barely. Should I use a higher %?