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  1. My answer is no. Respect to exceptions. Ive seen many YEs answers in this thread even without supportive arguments like it was the most obvious thing... but cmon lets be realistic not naive...I dont know but at least on highschool nobody gives a fuck about personality, you just get judged according to the first impression. And first impression is hardly about the inner invisible values that need to be revealed to be appreciated...
  2. I have the same problem and Im more than pessimistic about this. I also have hard time believing anything that was said on this thread. In my point of view thinking that its not about appearance is a self-satisfactory naive halftruth. In some survey I recently red(i forgot the link ..) it said that: "52% of girls and 54% of boys (both teenaged) would not date somebody with acne". So yea, acne is not important in ordinary communication and stuff, but it somehow gets decisive when you want to m
  3. I completely agree with wynne now. Paul, you mentioned occasional suicidal thoughts and thats just a clear indicator that you should talk with a proffesional. As it was said before, suffering is part of our lives so the goal is not to deprive of it, but to keep it at minumum and they can help u with that..
  4. yes acne can be a destructive force, but only if you let it. the fact that you are letting something so common in nature destroy your confidence and the love of your own persona is pretty damn weak. i can easily see that other non acne related problems will affect your "personality" strength and confidence is all in the mind. in a physical sense, we are all equal, one way or the other.
  5. At least u know u are not alone, since there are so many ppl with this feelings.. I have a question 4 anybody regarding this topic that kind of bothers me now: Do you think that acne-caused personality alternations will ever go away? It may sound stupid but... I remember myself being shy before acne and its nothing compared to my complete lack of self-esteem right now. But my skin is better for like 3-4 months now and theres no change in psychological side...and there are many other things lik
  6. That letter was really nice and its very easy for me to relate to it... "And the day that I have clear skin" - I kind of hate phrases like this, because life is fading away right now and waiting for some day that might not even come drives me insane. I dont have a gf and am not rushing into a relationship, I just want to live...