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  1. Maybe it's from shaving? Razor burn or something? Or clogged pores? That's all that I could think of that could be causing it.
  2. In my experience bp causes premature wrinkles. I have some good sized ones on my forehead and I'm barely 21. I don't have any wrinkles on my cheeks but I'm sure the bp is to blame for your problem. It dries out the skin like a mother f'er and wherever there's dry skin wrinkles are soon to follow. Maybe u should lay off applying bp to that area if you can. Or use a different moisterizer for that area. One that doesn't have glycolic acid. I know you said you don't believe it could be the glycolic
  3. After cleansing apply vinegar with a cotton ball. That's what I would do. It might dry out the skin a bit so try to focus right on the zit area only. A q-tip might be more precise.
  4. I'd guess the reason for the pimples where you shave would be ingrown hair. I always break out when I shave against the grain so I only shave down or with the grain.
  5. Aveeno Sensitive skin shaving gel. It's works great for me.
  6. I have this problem too. Sunlight helps alot. Takes awhile to see results though because you don't want to get too much sun and get sunburned. I usually lay out in the sun 15-20 minutes per side every few days. Doing this for awhile I saw almost all of my back acne disappear, but unfortunately it's slowly returning because I haven't had time to sunbathe lately. Also washing with a body wash like Neutrogena's Bodyclear bodywash helps because it has sacylic acid in it. Another thing that may help
  7. Neosporin helps with those kinds of zits. That and not picking them.
  8. Yea, those Clean&Clear Oil Absorbing strips are great. Only wish they were a little bigger. My nose is like your's and is always oily too. I find putting some translucent pressed powder on my nose keeps the oil off longer. Also makes the pores on my nose appear smaller than they are.