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  1. During the times of healing the acne health condition. I practiced mindfulness techniques with the whole situation including the skin care products I was using the food I was avoiding and the food I was eating to try and clear my skin, I tried to have a non judgmental approach by using mindfulness. I had also stopped putting expectations on my skin and the acne I stopped saying things like" this acne will be gone in 3 weeks" or " I know this product is going to clear my skin in a months time" o
  2. Cutting out dairy and making an effort to eat whole organic food that is not processed helped me overcome my acne. Other diet factors that helped is I would go vegetarian for two weeks kinda of like a detox diet and then I would go back to eating meat and just go vegetarian for a few weeks at a time in an attempt to reduce inflammation and it really helped Im not ready to go full vegetarian yet but I would often try it for a little while when I felt like it, worked wonders for my skin. Supplemen
  3. _Jane11__


    Meditation and relaxation helped me heal my health condition of the acne. I would meditate for half an hour to one whole hour each day to work on my relaxation. I had also cut back on a lot of the activities I do to lower my stress. I have a lot of hobbies like sewing, making art and reading so I cut back on all these things so I would just do basic housework and work on relaxation and live more simply this helped me lower my stress.
  4. During the times of having severe acne and even without. I would practice unconditional love of my Appearance no matter how I looked I would try techniques to ease my mind I would try to be not attached to my appearance even if I was having a good face day I would say to myself "It doesn't matter if its a good face day or a bad one Im not attached to the outcome of my appearance so there is no comparison I will love myself either way" or I would say things like " I would like to have nice skin
  5. Whilst I was healing from my acne health condition I used the experience as an opportunity for my personal growth and for attempting to rebuild myself to be a more kinder person to others and myself. On some days the acne on my face did effect my self esteem and going out in public. So in my journal I made a chart and recorded the days I did go out in public and do activities, I recorded this information to show myself that I can go about my activities and I was not letting the health conditio
  6. For the following things that helped me heal my acne I had a very mindful approach. I also practiced mindfulness with the whole situation with the acne itself down to the cause, things that may help, food and myself esteem. I am a big believer in karma how I treat the world is how I will be treated so I tried to think of what the karmic cause of my acne maybe and how I may work on this to heal the condition and learn to create better for myself. I looked at times I was unkind to others and
  7. Whilst I had break outs of acne I would place amethyst crystals on my face to heal the area with crystal healing