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    music, art, writing, reading, nature, driving, exploring, explosions, film, philosophy, history, halloween, fire, weaponry, anthropomorphizing the inanimate through attaching googley eyes, non-new agey occult, traveling, daydreaming, friends
  1. holy crap... now i'm afraid to try it...
  2. well doc suggested that its the progesterone that makes you have bad symptoms in general i haent tried ortho low, but ortho and allese were positively horrible for me
  3. ' thanks! will they give me Spiro even if my androgen levels are normal? ya, it seems to help , i've heard it has to do with androgen sensitiveity not just levels
  4. well i use all natural hippie stuff, so if you go that route i recomend morocco method, the stuff is dirt, and is one of two shampoos i have ever used that doesn't make my hair feel stripped when i rinse it out. hauschka is really good too. conditioers with shea butter help do a deep condition. i do cold oil for an hour or so a couple of times a week, look for something with herbs to help stimulate growth like burdcok red cloever DO NOT leave it in over night though... oh and if it makes your s
  5. i tried mychelle's fresh eyes but didn't notice much of a difference. i just put a lot of powder under there. welding masks are good too
  6. Thank you for the advice! I only use the Burt's Bees as a body wash, and I use a really super gentle soap free cleanser on my face. One question though, isn't Spiro an anti-androgen? I had an FSH and an LH and a DHEA sulfate and all the results came back normal so I don't think I have abnormal androgen levels.. does Spiro help even if androgen levels are fine? My derm is away for the month but I messaged the person filling in for her who may switch me to Yasmin, but do you think Spiro is good fo
  7. definitely paper bag over the head. works like a charm every time. or bindis for spot treatment. band -aids could also be of some use
  8. perhaps the makeup brings out your confidence... and that looks lovely. but you look great either way!
  9. What are the natural ways of fighting cancer?
  10. xxy

    Fake lashes

    the glue has formeldyhde.
  11. well i'm not single anymore so i can't say what i miss, but i can say what i like . gosh, what do i like most? hard to choose. i think beeing seen, being understood, and feeling special. and knowing there's someone you can give all the <3 you have to.
  12. relationships are interesting. i think at first theres a getting to know a person phase, and as that gradually wears off, you see the person more for who they are and less of the sort of honeymoon idealizing. not to say that the honeymoon phase can't last a long time but four months seems about the time when couples tend to not obsess about how they look before they go on a date, dont laugh at every stupid joke, etc. i think its a good time to let him see you for who you are, bare face and
  13. get a green peel. hmm, travel all over the world, build a music studio, get a nice little home, and attend classes in what i want whenever i want. might also have to build a calvin and hobbes museum
  14. mudslide, rum punch, red wine, lambic, margaritas but i only drink about once or twice per year!