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  1. I was on alesse. And I don't remember I think I stopped getting those cystic hormonal pimples only after about a couple months. I miss being on the pill. I had perfectly clear skin. I didn't have to worry about washing my face even! I never got a single pimple while on alesse. then I got off..... about I'd say 5 months after I got off of it, my skin went crazy. cystic pimples that leave these aweful redmarks all over. I never had a time when I didn't have at least one cystic pimple on my cheek
  2. The whitehead weren't red bumps. I did have some of those that NEVER deloped to anything. The whitehead were seriously just a white dot that I could just sratch off. There would be like a very very verysmall little red tiny dot where it was. But that disappears in a couple hours. For an update I don't get those anymore, so I guess molly was right. It was prolly just an intial breakout. And still nore more cystic pimples or nodules on my cheeks and jawline. I did get one very minor cystic-like p
  3. Well here is my story... I had perfectly clear skin while on the pill. I got off of it because my husband and I wanted to try and conceive. Well about 4 months after pill, my skin went balistic! I got these horrible nodules that leave these aweful red marks all over my cheeks and jawline. Yep, HORMONAL acne. I have been battling with over the counter products for over a year while my face just kept getting covered in these red marks and nodules. Finally went to a derm, and prescribed me finac
  4. I was on this for a month, ended up getting a bad yeast infection and got off of it. It didn't do anything for that month, but I might have not been using it long enough.
  5. well I was presrcibed finacea, doxy, and differin. My husband and I are currently trying to conceive so I decided to just use finacea because it is safe to use while pregnant. Just to see if that does the trick. Well right around the time I started using finacea I also completely stopped eating fatty foods and started taking a multivitamin, flax seed oil, borage oil, and green tea. And I exercise every day. NO MORE NODULES! but now I'm getting all these little whiteheads all over, besides my
  6. [thankyou for your reply! I didn't realize this topic actually when though so I posted another one, oops,. I'm new here. Do you ahve red marks? if so did it help with that? I can't seem to find much info on finacea and acne. But when I read the pamphlet it says the ways it works is unkown, what the heck? lol
  7. I was presrcibed finacea and couple of other things. But I have only been using finacea (i'm trying to limit the number of stuff so I can see if I really need all three things) But anyway, anyone using it and have success either with acne or red marks or both? What side affects do you have? When I put it on at night it itchess and that prickley feeling is aweful. It seems to itch to the point where I want to scratch my face off but about an hour later it subsides. That prickly feeling does the
  8. just wondering currently my husband and I are trying to conceive and I get nodules on my cheeks and jaw line that leave horrible red marks on my face. Anyway, it really limits stuff they can do for treating it. So I'm left feeling awful b/c of my face and am scared of any treatments because I really want a baby. So I have been putting up with acne and getting my face covered in red marks for the sake of having a child. Which so far has been two years, and yep we are seeing fertility specialists.
  9. Doc prescribed me three things, doxy, differnin (stronger dose) and finacea. I was using bp, which seems to be working pretty well. I still got some pimples but they went away so much faster and I have only been using it for a couple of weeks. But anyway, I was prescribed finacea and I put it on for the first time last night. And holy crap that prickley burning feeling is prolly at a 7 on of a 1 to 10 scale. Goes away though within in a hour. But it stucks while it is happening! I'm scared t
  10. Well I am having my first dermatology appointment and they have requested (mind you I haven't gone yet so they haven't seen my face) to do a skin lesion biopsy and drainage of abscess. I read and this doesn't sound like fun! Anyone had this? Any advice? I'm thinking about cancelling my appointments all together and to just say heck with it! Because I don't know why they have to do this?
  11. I used it for a bout 5 months, it does feel light and I quite using it b/c I couldn't find the right color. Didn't break me out more, I think, I don't know b.c I am always breaking out **haha** But altogether I hate liquid foundation, my face is too greasy for it. But if I had to pick, I would choose that or the covergirl trublend.
  12. I used both, and EM beats BE out of the water!!! EM covers SOOO MUCH BETTER! And yes, BE makes your face all shiny, and I could not find a good color so my face was always orange. With EM it's way cheaper, and the kits are soo much better. I am seriously amazed with EM all together, customer service is EXCELLENT, colors are great, makeup is fabulous, price-you can't beat it! EM ALL THE WAY!
  13. I used this makeup for a couple of months and switched to full-coverage because it was drying out my skin. But I have very sensitive skin. But full-coverage worked fine when I didn't have acne. Then I went off the pill and my face went crazy, since then MK foundation has not been a good mix. It is really thick and made my face greasy and to be honest I think it made me breakout more! Doesn't really cover all the match different than store brands to be honest. A great foundation is covergirl trub