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  1. I already got some nizoral shampoo. Is it fine to wash the affected area with the shampoo? Also what is the best cream I can get Thanks
  2. I recently got healthy skin face lotion with spf15 from neutrogena but while reading the back of it got me questioned about sunblock "Sunburn Alert: This product contains an AHA that may increase your skins sensitivity to the sun and particulary the possibility of the sunburn. Limit sun exposure WHAT? SPF 15 AND LIMIT SUN EXPOSURE????
  3. Summer is around the corner so I need to find a sunscreen, any recomendations? I heard there is some product which can help with my red marks Anyone Thanks
  4. well, it is still so red and peeling and doesnt get better I put aloe gel every day few times a day I am so clueless what it can be
  5. Wow and no one again. So its not even worth my time to wait a response again?
  6. Well after I quit doxycycline and topical medications that my dermatologist prescribed I actually saw some improvement. Before I used to get maybe one or two breakouts a week and if I get it it will be all big red and swollen. Now its gone after a day and its not nearly noticeable. My dermatologist said there is nothing she can do, only accutane. Since I ran out of everything I went and got me Neutrogena Acne oil free wash 2% one. It was drying my skin a little but after a week using it I got
  7. I am going to my dermatologist and I want to try something new. I have been taking doxycycline for almost 4 months with not really good improvement. I am tired of that, what should I ask for or what will my doctor prescribe me? Also been applying tretinoin cream which I am also getting tired off cause not seeing any big results
  8. So many users and so many replies
  9. I have been taking doxycycline for almost 5 months and havent noticed too much effect. I used to used tretinoin 0.05% last month I was given .1% but still not to much perfection. My next appointment is in a few weeks, what should I do. Is there anything I should insist on getting cause I am tired of all this. My acne is mostly red marks but I get breakouts too. I might go free for 5-7 days and then its a must that one piple will appear somewhere and it will get redder and redder
  10. My acne is almost red marks which are annoying. Any more tips for shaving??
  11. I noticed that on lower chin area and neck after shaving I will get a lot of acne and it will be gone after few days without leaving any marks. I tried shaving with electric razor and with a gillete sensor excel and still same results. Is there anything I can do? I still have acne on cheeks and can it be cause of shaving?
  12. Yea, she said to continue what I am doing for 2 months and gave me the Topicort gel for red marks
  13. Its been 6 weeks since I visited dermatologist for the first time. He prescribed my Doxycycline, Clinda gel and Tazertine cream. I havent seen the results I wanted, but I noticed that in last few weeks I get pretty much no breakouts. The red marks that are left are the issue. Should I keep using the same products for more time or is it time to switch? To what? I will let you guys know how it goes tomorrow.
  14. Well, my derm prescribed me Tretinoin 0.05% cream and didnt mention anything about moisturizing. I have been using it for two days and my forehead is all red and swollen and started to peel off. Its seriously a burn I can tell when I touch it its so hottt. What should I do? SHould i moisturize every time after I use the cream?