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  1. There was something that kept my skin very good! it wasnt harsh like accutane but it "sets your oil glands on low" i stopped taking it because i was taking 20 pills a day of it, and i overdid it with my anti biotics and got diherria and what not. but for u others who dont over do it i HIGHLY suggest you try out: VILANTAE its a vitamen formula. check it out on google. it really really helped out my skin and i used it last year it gave me lots of relief but my intestines are just really sensitive
  2. What is someoone with moderate - severe acne supposed to eat? no grains no dairy? but i love food!?!?!? lol ahhh someone help me out here. and explain as well. i will give up anything and eat only carrots all day dangit
  3. Inneedofhelp


    Do i take accutane?