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  1. Have you been more stressed out lately? For me, the more I stress out, the worse my skin looks. Unfortunately until all my stressors go away (yeah right, that would mean my family disappeared or became magically functional overnight), I don't know how to solve that issue 100% LOL. Anyway though, are there ways you can at least calm yourself down mentally? At least just to take your mind off your skin for a while. There are also things you can take to help relieve stress, like drink green tea, ta
  2. I'd appreciate any thoughts, hints, advice, etc. from those of you who have tried and/or are still using the 6% green cream, nucelle mandelic acid, and other products. Right now I wash in the morning with a very gentle cleanser in the shower, it doesn't contain GA, SA or BP, etc. After a little while, when my skin is dry I apply nucelle's 10% mandelic serum all over. If I'm leaving home then I use a gentle sunscreen moisturizer before I go (but I make sure I wait at least 30 min after applying
  3. I've been using NuCelle's 10% serum for about 1 1/2-2 weeks and have seen an improvement already-BUT I also started using the .6 strength of green cream at the same time so I don't know if I can credit one significantly more than the other. I will say that after a couple days of using the MA serum, my skin got realllllllly flaky, which I guess is normal from the shedding skin cells. Then I got several ouchy papules and pustules on my chin and a couple on my forehead/between eyes. All but one th
  4. I'm almost 25 and I've had acne since I was a teenager, lately it has been worse and I'm trying to figure out what I should do or try now. Background: I would put my acne at "moderate"-I always have several white heads on my forehead and chin areas, sometimes around my nose and mouth areas too. Blackheads/dark clogged pores on my nose. Usually only a few active papules or pustules at one time, but they almost always leave a red mark that lasts for a while. My skin is naturally dry and sort of
  5. I used it and it made my skin oily (I'm usually dry), and it made me break out. After a couple weeks the product went bad? or something and started smelling funny (it always smelled weird, but then it got even weirder...). About the only positive I had with the product was that right after using it my skin felt really smooth.
  6. Is there a decaffeinated green tea you could try and see if that has the same effect? Then you would have a better idea if it is the tea itself, or the caffeine. Also, what type of tea was is that you tried? Not all green teas are the same, some of the more commercial types are mixed with other types of tea leaves or herbs and that can have an effect too.
  7. For me, my face usually itches if I have added a new product or treatment and it is sort of like my skin telling me to take it easy. The itching is usually accompanied by redness and it just looks sort of irritated up close.
  8. I just want to add input too. I've been doing this regimen for almost 6 weeks. Have to say that I don't know if it is working or not. I've been really stressed for the past month or two, and have started and stopped one BCP and am in the 3rd week of a different one now. So I'm still breaking out but I don't know what exactly is the cause and if things would be different if there were still so many variables. I'm still going to continue this regimen, but I have ordered mandelic acid to try it out
  9. A couple active ones and a few that are healing but still more obvious than the little active ones (right on my forehead, urgh) and then a new crop of itty bitty little white head like things on my forehead and chin but they go away every few hours or so (weird... ).
  10. I just want to give new people looking at this thread some input from my experiences so far. I started this regimen about 3 weeks ago. Prior to starting this, I was put on a BCP (OTC-lo) that either caused or at least contributed to a major breakout starting in Sept. and I stopped using it the same week I started this regimen (I stopped taking the BCP due to other health-related reasons, so I don't know if the breakout it caused would have cleared up and if my skin would have changed any if I st
  11. If you really want to try this, then you should try it for at least a month. 1 week isn't going to give you an accurate idea as to whether or not it will work for you in the long run. Actually, trying anything for just a week or two is not a good idea as most treatments take a month or more to "kick in" enough for you to see improvement. But with this specific treatment, most people experience an initial breakout after a couple weeks before things start to get better and stay that way.
  12. I've yet to find one that really cared, so if you know any in Chicago... post it. All of the ones I have been to have prescribed me a bunch of things that did nothing but make me poorer and my face redder. One guy had me on 4 different topicals at once, plus an oral antibiotic. At the time I didn't know better, but now that I've educated myself... who in their right mind would prescribe someone with obviously sensitive and dry skin 4 different harsh topicals to put on during the same day?! With
  13. Lifesux, just be careful with the yasmin. One of it's *potential* side effects is weight loss, and I hope I'm not coming across as too presumptuous but at 105 pounds now, losing weight might not be a great thing. My doc wouldn't prescribe it for me, partly because I weigh about the same and she didn't think it would be good for me to get even smaller.
  14. I guess I'll keep posting here in case some people are going through similar things to me. Anyway, I went to the doc yesterday, and got a new Rx-Mircette? Miracette? something like that. Can't start it yet though until I "cycle" again so I have no idea how it will work... or if it won't. I asked about Yasmin, and my doc said that if I was having trouble with OTC-lo that I would probably have more trouble with reg OTC and Yasmin too and that even if I was okay on OTC-lo, she wouldn't prescribe
  15. Thank you so much for answering my questions! I was leaning towards Yasmin from poking around at other sites, but was curious about regular OTC too-your post and that link were very helpful in understanding some things about them and what's maybe going on with me. At least I think I'll be a little more prepared for the doc appt. When the doc prescribed OTC lo for me, we didn't really discuss it specifically, just BCPs in general and I sort of wish we had talked about different ones at the time