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  1. Well, I had something similiar done from a Derm, but I suppose it was supposed to be quite pricey. But my half brothers father is a dermatoligist so I lucked out. Personally I'd see a derm about it.
  2. Welp there's ice on my face and going to take some ibprofen in a minute or three. See what happens!
  3. Hey guys. DKR working great yada yada ya. But I have one pressing issue! Yesterday I woke up, skin was clearing looked good, oh crap, looked down. About a half an inch below the left side of my lip I have a bump. I had them before, there like zits from Hell, they never get white headed, just a bit white. In the past I force them out and bleed and get a bad cut on my face. But I won't do that this time, is there any ways of ridding myself of these red swells? I got plans Saturday night. Than
  4. I read in a few places drinking a few teaspoons of this junk is supposed to help with fighting acne. Is this true, plausible, or have you ever tryed it?
  5. Ok chica, here's what I can say. I used it in gel form for a 3 month period. I never had any adverse reaction from it. I didn't make my skin dry or RED at all. The product worked quite well too. I washed my face with a Basis bar and then applied it liberally morning and night. Feel free to ask more.
  6. I couldn't tell you why it is neccisary everyday but personally having no issues doing it I wouldn't mess with the experments of seeing how long you can go without having too...
  7. Greetings! As I am loading up to start my first steps of the Regimen I have been doing some homework. I tryed reviewing what someother members found useful that I could try aswell and I noticed even Dan uses Fish Oil supplements. I read up on it and it's ability to have anti-inflammatory abilities which is obvious to be beneficial. Now I don't know what you guys think but I want to help my acne with as little amount of options as possible so I know what's working, less money, and know when I
  8. Well I have reviewed some of the other users reviews on some of these products and so far the Cetaphil and Purpose line seems appropriate for me. I'd like to state that I do no have severe acne, more than likly it would probably be classified as "Mild". I tend to break out and only get to a certain point of cure. That aside tonight I will pick 3 products up Thanks for the help!
  9. I am not able to purchase the Acne.com products at this time. My question is.. I was going to run to Wally World or someplace of the sort and was wondering what products would you guys reccomend in alternative of Acne.com's. So far the Neutrogena On-the-Spot is a given for my BP, I think.. As far as a moisterizer and wash go I need a little help, Thanks again! Dylan