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  1. I use degree ultra clear. I think it has more protection then the dove clear, which I also like. The degree also does not give me a rash like secret(crap) does.
  2. I have not tried this but my boyfriend did this once for 10 days and lost 20+ lbs. He did gain it back but it is not due to the cleanse he just gave in to junk foods after a few months. He was really exhausted the first few days of fasting but was fine. He has incredible skin so I can't say if it helps with acne or not. Also, I don't remember him using the tea, just lemons, cayanne pepper and organic maple syrup.
  3. I love their just bitten lip stains. I got the cherry and berry on a buy one get one.
  4. I have some of the powder and I like it. I got it as a package deal with the colorstay. It lasts for hours.
  5. I buy shoes any place I can find them. I usually have to order online though. I'm a 4.5 women's so it's really difficult to find shoes that don't light up or have cartoon characters on them.
  6. I use Olay Complete Sensitive spf 15. I like it because it moisturizes well and isn't greasy.
  7. It will probably work. To stop biting my nails someone told me to keep a rubber band around my wrist and everytime I caught myself nibbling I snapped it on my arm. It worked I don't bite my nails anymore.
  8. Well I take the Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo and I have not noticed a difference in my skin better or worse. The regular version may give you different results. I did not experience weight gain with OTC Lo and now have a much lighter cycle. Everyone responds differently though.
  9. You shouldn't cut them it makes them grow weird like that. It used to happen to me when I had fake nails because they would clip my cuticles at the salon. Now I just use a cream that dissolves and softens them and push them back carefully with a nail stick. You can purchase a cuticle softner at any drug store or beauty supply store.
  10. I was having the same problem. I have started to put moisturizer around my eyes before I apply the BP and moisturizer over the rest of my face. It is helping but I still have some flaking on my eyelids.
  11. I go every 8-12 weeks. Though my sister, who cuts my hair, says I should go every month.
  12. just saw this post a little late but the reason it burns is because it contains AHA. If you get a moisturizer with spf and no AHA it shouldn't burn. I use Olay complete spf 15 for sensitive skin.
  13. I have been with my man for 3 years and he thinks I am beautiful acne or not. Glad to hear you are out meeting people and dating more than one person is fine as long as your not seriously committed to one of them. It is not your acne that keeps people at bay it's the wall we all put up due to a lack in self esteem.
  14. I use Olay complete sensitive skin spf 15. I like it except right now my skin is really dry from the regimen and I don't think its moisturizing enough. It worked really well when my skin was more on the oilly(sp?) side though.