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  1. can you tell me how much does it cost for the first treatment as subcision / tca/ microneedling with the doctor u saw ?
  2. I was told by a dermatologist in ThaiLand saying that inject Placentex under the skin or apply it on the skin and use dermapen/dermastamp to roll on the acne scar area will help improve the scar and boost the collagen to stimulate more ? is that true? anybody has used this? and if it work, is it better to inject or use dermapen/dermastamp ?Please give me advices. Thank you . I attached the picture of Placentex below ( this placentex from Italy tho ) @beautifulambition
  3. @Atrophica lol...i love those airpods...and i hope you do too. And thanks so much for those tips...really appreciate it @beautifulambition thanks a lot for those tips. So you mention I should buy a dermastamp after each doctor's treatment , since i already have a dermaPEN , can i use it instead or u think dermaSTAMP work better?
  4. Can anyone please tell me what treatment should I do to get rid of my scars ? I have done “ derma-pen” for like 5 times ! At the beginning after the treatment , the skin looked great but after a few weeks , skin went back to originally! And I live in NYC, any of you knows any good dermatologist who can treat my “ kind of scars “ with a reasonable prices ! Plz gimme some tips ! I really appreciate!