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  1. Thanks! Your 'good luck' must have helped - with one icing session, tons of ibuprofen and the c-sone shot, this baby is at 25% after 48 hours!
  2. That's abnormal. If the technique doesn't work for you, don't do it anymore. See how this session resolves itself.
  3. I just got my first Cortisone injection today. It didn't look very bad when I went in to get it, but it was the cyst was very painful and I could tell it was going to be huge. After getting the injection, it looks huge and has nearly doubled in size. Redness has almost tripled. My mom, who gets regular Csone injections, said to just give it a day. I pressed at it lightly earlier today - a half-squeeze, I guess. I won't try that anymore. Typically, how long before you see results?
  4. ahh, i'm sorry it didn't work for you. i sympathize.
  5. I used to get huge, painful, multiple-week-long cysts in my nose. I also have pretty bad body acne. My dermitologist prescribed minocycline (an antibiotic) for my body acne and retina-micro for my face. While I've found that the minocycline DIDN'T help my back, I haven't gotten a single cyst on my face since - virtually no acne at all. This is after trying sacylic, benzoyl, aha for a few years. If you're getting mostly mild acne otherwise but the occasional significant cyst, I recommend minocycl
  6. One session of idle picking while writing a paper can send you right back to square one. This is the most frustrating shit in the world. Argh!!!
  7. I'm currently taking antibiotics for my back, along with 10% Benzyol bar in the morning and evoclin at night. I'm also using retinol for my face (along with the antibiotic, it works wonders. I have gotten maybe three pimples in two weeks as opposed to the normal 6-8.) I don't even know what's wrong with my arms. The derm said it wasn't acne. They are sebum-filled red marks, seems pretty damn close to acne to me. I've been picking them since I was like 12. I'm 15 now. The scarring on my back so
  8. Fuck cysts. I get these every so often on my nose and they last forever and they don't go away. -_________________________- Too poor too afford C-Zone...
  9. So I've had this pustule for a week. It didn't get any smaller so this morning I squeezed with needle + shower. Did it too hard. Looks like I didn't keep my resolution. But this is not going away. It's huge and horrible. I've used ice, profen, squeezing, BP, antibacterials etc... what do i do?
  10. Never pop unless it has a white head. And never do it with ur fingers! Personally I bought a box of disposable latex gloves from the chain pharmacy (they all have them). I put them on. Take a new safety pin from a box of 100 I bought for a dollar at Walmart. then i prick the white head at its top. Be careful when pricking that all you prick is the top of the bubble. If you hit the sides or inside of the pore it will scar the pore! Then what happens next depends on the size and consistency of
  11. Yep, I squeezed a pustule. I was confused - didn't know it was as taboo as it was. This explains alot. My face is usually completely clear, except one deep pustule in my nose. It almost gets to a head, then I squeeze it, then it goes away the next day. One day later, I get another. I'm pretty sure this is due to the squeezing. About 5 minutes ago I squeezed a headless pustule and a small amount of superficial pus was extracted. I did not squeeze very hard. How do I progress from my mistake? E
  12. Wow... really i never knew that u know alot about acne O_O thanks alot willow for the help i wont forget it! im a throw away that seaweed scrub asap. btw... just wondering im using Neutrogena sensitve skin Oil free cleanser Acne free benzoyl peroxide 3.7% as spot on treatment Oil of olay active hydrating lotion.. is that ok.. or The Neutrogena cleanser is ok - I used to use it sometimes. It never broke me out, but I also didn't feel like it cleaned my skin very well. If you
  13. Is it possible to integrate blackhead treatments (like say mandelic acid, green cream, BHAs) into the Dan Kern regiment? His BP is doing great for me. I very rarely have any visible acne, and I would now like to do something about blackheads in my nose. I don't want to mix, yeah? Do I cut out BP in the morning, afternoon? Will this worsen my old acne that was "fixed" by DKR?
  14. I've been using DKR for about a month and a half now. From a distance, I'm pretty much totally clear. However, I'd been skipping moisturization for a few weeks (yes, biggest mistakes, i know) and I think the irritation caused blackheads to come to be on my nose. I hear that blackheads are fairly permanent. Would reintroducing moisturizer do anything to help, or will I have to start doing all those crazy goddamn masks and the like?
  15. I think the moisturizer smells awful. It seems to do what it's supposed to though.