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  1. I looked it up on wikipedia after you mentioned it but it doesn't seem to be the case for me. Hair don't grow for me on the chin. I do have hair under the chin but it doesn't occur in that area. Those little white things are not hair, I have no idea what those are either. I know I can rub them off pretty easily though so it doesn't bother me much.
  2. I know, I'm completely stumped as to what to do about it. Three of them has gotten worst over night. They usually stay really small for months before they turn into a nodule. Here's what I meant when I said nodule. I know it doesn't look like a nodule right now but those just developed last night, it gets bigger throughout the week. Also, they only occur on my chin.
  3. I know it doesn't look very severe but each one of those little bumps eventually turn into a nodular acne that stay for weeks before going away. I've tried bp, paula's bha, and b5. My regimen right now and has been for the past year is wash face with cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and spot treat with bp day and night. One b-100 and 1g b5 during the day, 1g b5 at night.
  4. No, I'm telling you to cure fungus infection with lamisil. Doing a little something called reading might help you understand better. Careful though, reading might be too hard for your little head, you might get a headache.
  5. I have these white string-like thingies that stick out around my nose. Not very noticable from far away but you can see them as little white dots close up. Over the past few years, I've been applying bp, bha, apple cider vinegar, etc in hopes of getting rid of them thinking they're just clogged pores and using tweezers to pluck em out and reduce their appearance. Well, needless to say, none of them worked and they keep coming back after I removed them so I went to a derm to get them looked at
  6. i got some broken capillaries around my nose and tried to get rid of em a few years ago i think i tried 2 or 3 treatments of vbeam and it didnt help. i've also tried dual yellow and ipl... those didnt help either... i think i'm just stuck with em forever. oh well.. maybe you'll have better luck than i did
  7. thanks for the response... some of the sites with testimonials on it seem to be made up since they only have positive ones so i didn't bother ordering it. i guess they're not a scam since they did give you a refund but i'm not gonna try it, none of the topical stuff ever work anyways. oh well.
  8. The site looks poorly made and I thought it was a scam at first but after googling it, I found some people saying it's actually a good product. Anyone here tried it out before? Here is the site: http://www.rosacea-ltd.com/
  9. hmm.. well i've been taking 5g of b5 for about half a year now and dont see any problems with it so far. if so many people are saying b5 stops working after a year or two and it comes back worst, should i stop taking b5?
  10. Yep - Back in the good ol' '80's, I had simple injections of ??? done by my dermatologist for such visible red capillaries near nose. It was simple, fast, cheap, long-lasting, & fairly effective, although some red veins still remained. This used to be the standard treatment pre-lasers & it's similar to sclerotherapy, where they inject "broken" caps in the legs. Call a derm (NOT a laser center) & they'll know about what I'm describing.
  11. It just had no effect at all... the area got bruised for a week or so and when the bruises heal up, it looks just like it was before the laser.
  12. ya.. I dont think vitamin c helps.. So anyone ever had broken capillaries and had success with treating them?