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  1. Photos from May 2nd. I do not have any current photos because I had my third session of subcision, Carbolic acid (CROSS) and microneedling done yesterday. my bad for all the bad lighting in my photos..
  2. Wow your scars improved a lot.. you can barely see your scars. I wish I had similar results. My scars are still apparent as if I had no treatment done. Was this after your first treatment? I think I just need to increase the phenol percentage. Since it was my first treatment I think Dr. Rullan was conservative. I’m probably going to pass on the phenol peel because it’s very invasive, expensive and most likely I’ll have to come back for another treatment after the peel...
  3. Do you think you can send/post before and after photos please? Do you think the phenol peel was worth it? Im debating if I should go for the phenol peel or go with phenol cross, subcision and micro needling again. Everyone: To add about the phenol peel, Dr. Rullan did a case study on the phenol peel in 2004. (In case you didn’t know) Since then he’s added subcision to the Phenol Peel procedure.
  4. Hey everyone, I met Dr. Rullan two months ago and I wanted to show my skin's progress. It's been been 2 months since I had my acne scars treated for the first time. He started with the phenol cross, subcision then micro needling. The procedures were very intense. I have more photos and videos after the procedure if you want to me to post them. Honestly I did not notice much of a difference.. I am thinking about doing the Phenol peel but I am hesitant because it does not completely clear
  5. Hello, I am looking to see what my options are for treating my acne scars. I really want to clear up my skin. Thank you
  6. This bump has been here for about 5-6 years and I don’t know what it is. i am trying to see what my options are for removing this bump on my chest. Please see my photos thank you