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  1. I need help finding a shaving cream or moisturizer that I can shave my face with. I seem to get like little ingrown hairs that eventually turn to pimples. I've tried just simply using Purpose Cleanser but that doesn't seem to lather up enough... Any ideas? Thanks,
  2. I like the handheld devices because I will only be using it for spot treatment. I am nearly 100% clear and I just want to prevent potential breakouts. What device is easier to use? Which device takes less time per treatment? Thanks in advance,
  3. Hey, I need help finding a light. Right now I'd say my acne is almost 100% clear but every once in a while I will get an inflamed pimple here and there. I want to keep my complexion 100% clear so I don't have to constantly worry about breaking out. I know for sure that light treatment will keep me clear. The question now is... what light do I purchase? I want something that is small and easy to use... what have you tried and what do you recommend? Thanks,
  4. What about Jojoba Oil??? What does Jojoba Oil do anyways?
  5. I need help finding a shaving cream that won't make me break out! Any ideas? thanks,
  6. is there anything that I can put on them at night to reduce redness? Does BP then neosporin do anything? What about icing? Let me know! Thanks,
  7. I need these little SOBs gone by the weekend! My face is completely clear except for these damn things... How do I get rid of them quickly? I popped them already and it's been about 3 days but they are still a redish/pink and very visible on my face. Please help! Thanks,
  8. Hello everybody, I believe that simply taking vitamins daily will help keep me clear. I am normally 100% clear, but often times (like last night) I will break out and get like 3 pimples in various areas on my face. I want to put an end to that and begin to build a better complexion and tone. Based on my research from posts around here, I have come up with the following daily vitamins: Zinc (50 mg) Flaxseed Oil w/ omega 3,6,9 (1000 mg) Vitamin C (500 mg) Vitamin D3 (1000 IU) Basically, I wan
  9. I've been reading about the different vitamins, but I want some personal advice! Please help! Thanks
  10. Hey everybody! Basically I'm looking for some information as to what vitamins would be the best for me. I currently have a clear face; however, I will sometimes get a few pimples here and there and I want that to STOP! I use Dan's regimen on my face and it definitely helps. However, I wanna try and treat this from the inside-out. Also, vitamins will help more than just my face! What vitamins should I start with? What dosages should I start with? I just want some vitamins that will help, I
  11. I just want to know what I should use to clean my face right after workouts?? It only makes sense that it'd be a combination of both sweating and diet.
  12. I was completely clear for about 4 months. However, during that 4 months I was injured and could not compete in my sport. Basically, I think I cleared completely up because I was not sweating. Before, I never really had acne but an occassionally a pimple would pop up in random spots. Now that I can play again I am getting pimples again. My question is.... what do you suggest I use to clean my face? I'm looking for a product that I can wash with after my workout (when I can't really take a
  13. http://www.myzeno.com/ i saw one on sale at target and supposedly it zaps pimples before they start. I guess I would be willing to try, but what do you think?
  14. what type of pimple is it though? can you tell??