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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone - I now have a huge rash on my neck/face. Ouch...
  2. I look like a roasted chicken, my skin is so dry. Now I don't want to go out. Oh well, Oxy 5 tomorrow (hopefully it's in).
  3. Think - mankind has been eating bread and dairy for thousands of years, yet, it is the cause of acne? Please...
  4. I smoked for 2 years. Quit for about 5 months and started again -- in that 5 months, NOTHING changed.
  5. Would i be able to pick up standard green tea cream at a supermarket/chemist? Any specific brands/ingredients i should be looking out for? Cheers
  6. What i've noticed so far; In the early stages of this research, there seems to be alot more breakouts of clogged pores (or under the skin pimples). The Whiteheads/Blackheads seem to be forming slightly but seem to heal quite quickly. With the clogged poors/under skin pimples -- perhaps this is initial breakout is a reaction after a sudden stop from all the topical treatments? Who knows, it may be hard to deal with, but i've noticed that these these are basically invisible in even the most rev
  7. I've started this experiment also, althgough, i don't feel that i have acne; just standard teenage pimples. I wash my face with warm water twice a day only now. This is me; http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v606/knob1/yeah.jpg
  8. If this was a sure cure for acne, i'd be drinking from my penis straight out.
  9. Hah, i've been jizzing on my own stomach for the passed 4 years or so, haven't had a single zit in that area....
  10. I think he's trying to show everyone that even one of "the most beauitiful women" in the world struggles with what we have to go through, we're not alone.
  11. Morning/Evening Wash my face with warm water + Gamophen Medicated Soap Pat dry or let air dry Apply Clearsil Ultra Pretty simple, but effective. Here is me recently. *edit* Sorry, wrong forum...
  12. Cheers, just one question though. I apply a topical every morning and evening after washing my face, how am i supposed to leave the vinegar on?
  13. What is the vinega method? What do i do, apply vinega on my face for 15 minutes, wash off etc. ? Any help will be greatly appreciated...
  14. Nice skin, pretty much the same as mine... All i have to say is that you have brilliant hair =D>
  15. Ultra Clearasil (Red & Blue tube) contains 5% Benzol Peroxide...