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  1. You're hot :)

  2. Have you lost any weight during this time?
  3. You should try avoiding other common food allergens. And see about getting your digestion and liver in order. And I took 2 courses of accutane as an adult and it did absolutely nothing for me. With respect to your situation, I don't think many peoples acne is caused by food intolerances. If it was, why would accutane work in so many cases? It didn't work for you because you had the relatively unusual situation of acne being caused by a food intolerance. I've wasted so much time with di
  4. Know what you mean, it can be a bit of a reality slap. I suppose people try to feel philosophical about it and tell themselves that there's a lesson to be learnt. I don't know what positives can be taken from it myself. I'd just like to never have to worry about it again.
  5. I wondered about dandruff and acne, if a yeast creates increased skin turnover causing dandruff on your scalp then perhaps that's the cause of increased cell turnover on the face resulting in blocked pores. Anyway, never tried H&S on my face, typically any cleansers give me awful inflammed spots. I have tried nizoral on my hair but it gives me spots on my scalp! How long have you been doing this for?
  6. Good luck andersoj, really interested to find out how it goes.
  7. tdot, completely sympathise with you. I'm in / have been in the same boat. Tried all kinds of diet, I excersize well, sleep well, tried every supplement imaginable and like you it'd clear up, then break out like a bastard again for no reason. It's almost like every time you have a bit of hope it's snatched right away from you again. Last month I gave up and went to the Dr, started eating everything again, wheat, dairy, everything in moderation but then I always did before I started cutting stuf
  8. All I've heard about is addressing the internal flora though, not the external flora. If 180 or so species of bacteria live on our skin, perhaps some are beneficial in keeping others at bay.
  9. I was thinking about how a reduction in friendly bacteria in the gut leads to certain infections, usually caused by rampaging strains of bacteria or yeasts as a result of a deficiency in the so called friendly bacteria. Does anyone know if it's been considered that that may be the cause of p. acne infections of the skin? http://dermatology.about.com/b/2007/02/11/...th-bacteria.htm
  10. I think it probably looks worse to you than to others. You look good and the very mild acne you have really doesn't detract from that so the first thing I'd suggest is to relax about it. Have you tried the usualy OTC stuff? BP, Salacylic acid etc?
  11. You wouldn't catch me putting pee on my face but there is a reason why people think it has an effect. Sadly for them perhaps is that the cause is a substance called urea which can be made synthetically therefore avoiding the requirement of the rather unholy act of immersing yourself in your own piss. Anyway, if you buy eardrops for loosening earwax, it contains urea. Urea breaks down keratin, which few substances do, so I suppose it could help loosen and remove the plugs in blocked pores. Befo
  12. Maybe its because its late, but I dont get it=) All would be ok except the cod liver oil which is susceptible to heat, looks like you knew that anyway though
  13. harsh cleansers and hot water. for me cleansers that overdry, basically anything that's not developed for sensitive skin, breaks me out something terrible and also makes my skin dry and tight.
  14. I also think the sat fats thing is a lot of nonsense. Heart problems are caused by BEING fat (overweight) and stress. People often associate consuming fat with getting fat but it's not the case. Too many calories make you fat regardless of where those calories come from and fats contain a lot of calories. IMO high GL carbs are the bigger danger to health.