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  1. That happens to me sometimes in the same area. I was told by my pharmacist to wait about 20-30min after I washed my face to apply the Retin-A gel. It allows your face to completely dry from the water. (for some reason that helps!) Also, you may want to start applying a thicker mostuirizer on just your chin. I starting carrying around a small jar of cream (thicker than lotion) whenever I saw some flaking/drying. The lotion at night would probably help too.
  2. Hello, So I used Cetaphil for a while. However, I recently realized that I feel like my face does not feel clean enough when I use it. I also noticed it doesn't completely remove all of my makeup (i.e. I still have black eye liner under my eyes after I use it!) Cetaphil is probably good for some who has really sensitive skin, as it is probably as gentle as it is going to get. As for the neutrogena acne pron skin bar, it probably either has salyic acid or benzol peroxide in it. In either cas
  3. Day 36 My face has cleared up some. I have a couple of new pimples but mostly its old ones that are taking their sweet time to go away. my skin is not that dry. my lips are very dry, but not peeling anymore.
  4. face is still not THAT dry. It is mangeable with some lotion in the morning. and i don't really need any touch ups on it. my lips on the other hand...they are majorly dry. and it doesn't help that i am addicted to sunflower seeds-- so all the salt makes my likes even more dry. i keep my carmex handy at all times. oh i had a pretty bad reaction this weekend. i got my face threaded to remove hair. Threading is this method of removing hair which is basically a piece of thread held in a certain w
  5. so my lips are yucky dry. i'm so self-conscious about them too. i keep biting my lip to hid the flakey dryness even though i apply chapstick every 5 seconds, and i'm sure that doesn't make it any better. my skin got pretty dry today but it may be because i switched face wash for one day. i used estee lauder face wash. it dried out my skin. but later on i washed my face with cetaphil and applied my lotion, and it wasn't as dry anymore. it's still a little dry. i'm also trying to limit my time i
  6. my head itches. is this normal? and now i have white stuff in my hair. :[ definitely got IB. white heads every night. skin is not dry yet but my lips are pretty dry. haven't drinken since i've gotten on this stuff but its gonna be hard. do people drink while on accutane? if so, how much?
  7. hey sarah! Thanks for your comment! I hope your treatment goes well, and I look forward to following your blog as well. I'm about a week behind you...so I'll know what to expect! what is IB? ps your link on ur signature doesn't work.
  8. DAY #3 I am not dry at all, and I'm a little concerned. Shouldn't I see SOME difference-- positive or negative?! I had a few whiteheads this morning, but that is the norm for me. Other than that, nothing has changed. Quick question, did a lot of people have hair loss when they were on accutane? I'm worried about that! What are some good tips to prevent this? Okay that's all for today!
  9. Hello! I've always been searching on this site for different methods to solve my acne problem, but I never actually posted. I officially joined about a week ago because I thought it would be really beneficial to have a log, and hopefully receive advice/support from all of you! So here we go... I am a 23 year old female. I've always had mild acne growing up, but this past year it became really bad. I had numerous cystic pimples on the side of my face, and never really had clear skin for a w
  10. i just paid $280 for one month supply. :( let the depression begin.