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  1. i use the same cleanser, then follow up with neostrata matifying renewal fluid - 8% glycolic / spf 15.... and i find by the end of the day my skin is more on the greasy side... maybe your moisturizer isnt working properly
  2. The ones with the little beads are usually abrasive and just aggrevate the acne... try getting a cleanser with some glycolic acid in it..
  3. i used neostrata at home acne peel system, which includes the 4% glycolic cleanser, 8% matifying renewal fluid, a 10% peel, and a 5% glycolic/2% salicylic acid blemish spot gel. I found them to be quite effective fading red marks and preventing breakouts
  4. Hi, im curious if anyone has any suggestions for an alternative to aqua glycolic... im mainly looking for a facial cleanser with ~10% glycolic acid... I cant find Aqua glycolic anywhere in toronto, and don't want to order it online. Any help would be appreciated.