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  1. Hello I just have something to say about this : THIS TOTALLY WORKS ! It's not the food , it's not the hormones , it's just that BP 10 % that was killing my face Thanks Jan Carlo
  2. Hi I just feel sad and angry everytime i look those red marks and oily skin in the morning , it can really concern my day and i can't stop looking in the mirror , looking how awful my face is today in the morning i close my eyes for a second and i wonder how is my face I feel really sorry for you and how you feel everytime you look in the mirrors , but let's be positive . my acne have been clearing up and one day we won't have acne at all PD: I upload a picture of my face nowdays by us
  3. Hi I always use some make up when i have to go to school in the weekends i dont use it sometimes like today i dont have to use it because my face is not too bad and my face can breath Bye
  4. Hi I think hair doesn't affect acne because my forehead is the only clear part of my face and i have some hair over the forehead mm maybe it doesn't affect my acne because i have a really dry hair it could be diferent with an oily hair Bye
  5. Hi ! I think that i look worse in the mirror than in the eyes of the other people I have realized that because when i took a picture in a bad acne day and some days later i see that picture and i think " I didn't have nothing " It's only in our minds ? Bye