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  1. skippin school today cus of that, second time this week. 6th time this month. im surprised i havnt been caught yet o_0
  2. might be some kind of rash or somthing, i had a similer thing on left upper arm, Vitamen E helped. maby it will work for u 2, i dunno.
  3. im jsut gunna get right down to the point of the subject here. some of this stuff is taken right off dans sight, but i modified it. >grab needle and disinfect it wiht alchohol >find the whitest spot on yer zit and gently poke it wiht needle >squeez all the puzz out until it starts bleeding or until clear liquid comes out >grab a cotton swab and dip it in rubbing alchohol >dab yer popped sit with the swab to prevent infectios spreads > rip up a smal peac of
  4. exactly how i feel, i get too worried bout my acne.
  5. I hope coffie aint my problem. i cant live without the stuff ](*,)
  6. i use clearasil acne fighting mousturizer, it mousturizes while it fights acne, adn it also protects u from it. i usually only put it on b4 i go to sleep. during the day i was my face with somme clearasil ice gel, and then wipe away with an oxy pad or 2. but yeah, the mousturizer is only 2% sacilyc acid(or wateever), but wat te hell, at least it fights the acne while keeping my face from chipping apart. p.s iv been using these things for about 2 days now, and already they r starting to go aw
  7. luckly for me iv got a pretty ripped body (dont mean to brag), that usually makes up for my zitty face / . Id say being overweight is worse... iv gone out wiht girls with acne b4, but i wouldnt go out wiht an overweight girl.. (just being honest)
  8. I would [email protected]!!! j/k j/k O:) If drinking rat piss would cure me in 2 days i would fill a pool up with it and take a dive.
  9. shit man, thats brutal... makes me feel greatfull that my acne aint as bad. G/L