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  1. I've been using micro for 4 months now, my skin is dry but usually manageable with lotion but there are some patches of dry skin on my face. Just wondering if anyone else is having the same experience. What kind of lotion do you use? Should I take a break from using the micro?
  2. Anyone use the patch, are you having any benfits with your skin? My doc prescribed this for me but I'm a little worried as I've been reading a couple articles online about having a higher cloting problem.
  3. When do you start to see the benfits of Minocycline? I've been on it for a about 2 months, 50mg in the morning and 50mg at night. Does it completely eliminate your acne or does it just limit the amount of break outs? Arughhh I just got 2 big pimples last night, when will it all go away? I'm starting to get a little impatient.
  4. For people using hydroquinone did it make your face turn bright red? Because my face is BRIGHT RED, and it's hurting because of it.
  5. anyone use hyrdroquinone for fading old left over acne scars?
  6. I'm currently taking minocycline 100mg a day for a month now, I'm due any week now to get my period, I usually get a lot of pimples during my period. My derm said on our next appt he would see how my skin was doing and if it hasn't improved that he would add a BC to my regimen. What do you think should I go on the pill, also what brands are better for the skin? Also do you gain a lot of weight on the pill? Are their a lot of hormonal side effects?
  7. Once you started taking Miniocyclie did your skin become less oily? I've just started it about a month ago and noticed my skin was less oily, but I still get pimples. Urghhhg I wonder when it will start to all go away.