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  1. I'm also looking for sunscreen that won't leave me looking like a greaseball. I tried one by Dove last year that some people recommended but it left my face too shiny. I have to use oil-absorbing sheets every 3-4 hours so oiliness is a problem (along with breakouts).
  2. ScottC, I can totally relate to your situation although I'm a year younger and in college. Never been with anyone - but I made some excuses due to insecurities, lack of self-confidence, and other factors one time and turned down a girl who I really liked. That's about as far things have gone for me. Acne has driven me away from friends and going out so I guess I am the only one to blame for ruining my college experience. I know how hard it is when confidence is non-existent to put yourself out
  3. I work at a top chartered accounting firm. All you do is meet with clients and discuss their business issues. My skin is, although clearing up, not near perfect. I have scars and redmarks. Not a lot but noticeable. I also have a terrible time shaving. I still got hired because i was very skilled and dedicated. Trust me, skin wont matter, and besides once you are influential enough to be meeting clients etc. you will be clearing up or nearly clear. You gotta wait a while before you get into that
  4. I also would like to be able to go to job interviews and not think that my skin will be a deciding factor. Realistically, if you're hiring someone to represent your company and meet clients, would you hire someone with bad skin? I'd like to think that employers would not do this but I doubt it.
  5. This is a question that not only my doctor, but family as well, has asked me. I have struggled mentally and physically with acne as many of you have also experienced. It brings down your self-confidence and in some cases brings on depression. So why is having good skin so important? Why do we let it affect us to the extent that we do? First of all, it is often people who have never experienced anything more than slightly mild acne that ask questions like this and I feel it's because they don'
  6. I've booked an appointment for an allergy test next month. I booked it through the doctor at my school's health clinic. I'm guessing any family doctor can do this. The doctor didn't want to book it at first when I told her I want to see if I was allergic to certain food that may cause acne, but I convinced her after I told her about the bad reactions I had to topicals and antibiotics.
  7. I'm taking Nutrasea Fish Oil. 1 teaspoon three times a day with meals.
  8. botchla, I just wanted to show some support man because almost in the exact same position as you are. I'm in college too but I went from clear skin (all through teens) to severe acne and now all the red marks and scars. I know exactly how you feel and how hard it is to deal with sometimes. Sometimes I ask 'what the hell did I ever do to deserve this?' My self-esteem is completely destroyed but I've still got hope that things will get better in the future. edit: I didn't realize that he posted i
  9. It's crazy that I've even thought about situations like a funeral. I don't know how I could get through that - I wouldn't even be able to wear a hat to cover up a bit. Also, I got lucky last year because my dad's family ended up canceling Christmas get-together/dinner (thankfully, since my acne was at its worse) but I'm thinking I might not be so lucky this year. It would just be odd I guess to not see some of my relatives for a few years but I don't have the courage to face the probably ridic
  10. I'm 21 and never had a gf. I have to be honest - I've had a few opportunities but due to low self-esteem in the past and then severe acne more recently, I'm mostly to blame for this situation. I've pushed those chances away because of my own insecurities. I hope I'll get past this one day because I feel like I'm a good guy; it's just something I need to work on somehow.
  11. I've been dealing with this crap for too long and some of my aunts, uncles, and cousins haven't seen me for over a year. I guess it's pretty sad to think that I'm afraid of seeing relatives but I'm just tired of having to answer questions and seeing their shock from seeing what my skin has become. Today, my aunt came over, unexpectedly to me, so I just watched tv in the basement in the dark. Thankfully she didn't notice anything. I've avoided many different family gatherings and whatnot for
  12. I went through the teenage years without any noticeable acne. Started a few months before I turned 20. I'm 21 now and scarred in many ways from severe acne.
  13. I believe that weight lifting was also the cause of my acne. It started as a huge cyst on my cheek and then spead all over like wildfire. The most frustrating thing is that doctors and dermatologists don't believe that. Do you have links to what you found about dihydrotestosterone, acne, and lifting?
  14. "Shut up puberty face".....hurts more when you're an adult "Hey I've got the perfect treatment for your skin: my jizz" - idiot college kid Leans in for close look at my face and says, "WHOA"