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  1. Thanks for the response! Yeah I've been doing that exact regimen for 14 weeks, but now im adding Spiro and bc. Im just frustrated because I thought I would be clear by now and I dont know how much longer to give the retin a.
  2. Did retin a end jp clearing you altogether? If so, how long did it take?
  3. Been on retin a cream and mino for 14 weeks, my skinis tighter and smoother, but still breaking out. Timefor Accutane.? So unbelievably depressed.
  4. Hello everyone! I posted about 9 weeks ago or so - looking for more advice! Here is my current regimen: AM Wash face with BP 2.5% wash Apply Neutrogena Oil-Free Combination skin lotion PM Take 100 mg Minocycline Wash face with Cetaphil mild cleansing bar Wait 30 minutes Apply Tretinoin Cream .05% Wait 30 minutes Apply Neutrogena Oil-Free Combination skin lotion I was pretty clear for the last 5 1/2 years, but then last summer I started breaking out here and there. In Octo
  5. Hello all. I have to say I'm discouraged to be back on this forum. 5 years ago I opened my account because I was having acne issues, and after 6 months, I was able to pretty much clear my skin except for the occasional breakout on my chin. This past summer, however, my face started getting really oily and breaking out again. What's annoying about it is although it's mild acne, it's a slow continual breakout. One pimple will clear just in time for another to pop up. I normally have 4-5 active pim
  6. Hey Laura! Thanks for your post. Reading it I could completely relate to everything you've been through - thanks for making people aware of this disease! Just to share my story, I developed Acne Dysmorphia Summer 2007 and spent almost all my time looking in the mirror. I had to check my face in a variety of lighting throughout the day - certain mirrors were "good," certain mirrors were "bad." When I was out, I had to go to the bathroom multiple times to check my face and make sure no new spots h
  7. I use apple cider vinegar and Obagi Clear (you can buy this online). Both work well, although Obagi is a killer on your pocketbook.
  8. your pic...such beautiful eyes!!!

  9. Hello :) Just wanted to see how you were doing and hopefully lift your spirits. My bro went on Accutane and his skin looks absolutely fabulous now! He had an IB as well, but that cleared and now he's been clear for 4 years :) So hang in there!

  10. I am wondering if anyone has had a photofacial? And is it effective on red marks? I don't have any depressed scars, just those annoying macules that linger FOREVER.
  11. I guess by localized I mean it's not all over your face, just in those specific areas. So if you were using a certain product in just those areas when your face started breaking out, maybe that contributed to the problem. Just a thought And I agree with Wirebound - you are a very good-looking guy! Acne is never as noticeable as you think it is.
  12. I understand the feeling of not wanting to go out. I have definitely been there and it sucks. I would still see your friends if possible, though, because they could really cheer you up! When I'm depressed or self-conscious I do not want to see anybody, but then I feel more depressed because all my friends are hanging out and I'm not. I know it's hard, though. And KMF is working for me and it worked for my doctor, but everyone is different. What works great for me and her might not work for some
  13. Hey Ryanam, I haven't tried Dan's regime, so I can't comment on that, but I have tried a couple different things that have worked. About 3 1/2 weeks ago I started 100 mg of minocycline every day and also use Kiss My Face products. They're working great - I was SUPER frustrated about my face before, and now the red marks and pimples are clearing (only 2 active pimples! yay!). Here's my daily regime: Morning: Kiss My Face Clean for a Day wash Wait 5 minutes KMF UnderAge lotion KMF BreakOut