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  1. Yo babe! You looked great in your pics and your acne seems very mild. I'm sure accutane will work on you. Good luck!
  2. hey buddy, i totally dig you man. My confidence can be "okay" just before i step out of the house and drop waaaay below sealevel when i accidentally catch myself in a mirror outside. Acne sucks.
  3. Nope, the suggested dosage is really twice a day. I personally feel that BP can be quite strong on the skin when you first start so it's really not recommended to do more. For the oliness, you can always use blotting paper and gently remove the oil instead of washing. Or maybe you can use a moisturizer which is less oily?
  4. Hi, I've been on the DKR for about 4 weeks. Around the second week, i felt some flaking and drying around the side of my face(side burn area all the way down to the chin). I responded by adding jojoba oil to my regime and used slightly more moisturizer. Now the flaking is gone but the skin is now a darker colour than the rest of my face. I must highlight that my acne prone areas are my cheeks, nose and chin. The skin there seems to be more delicate and turned paler when I started the DKR. This