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  1. well i was on the accutane for acne in 2008 for 6 months. And eventually cleared and came off the treatment.And now 2 years later it has come back again,I got 2 quite big cysts on the right hand side of me cheek as well as some spots on my chin,proper gutted.I thought it had gone forever.So went back to the doctors today as i was so down and in pain and now got to go back to the dermataologist and see if they are going to put me on accutane.Really hope it goes this 2nd time that i take it!! if i
  2. Sorry i havent updated for a couple of days i have been busy anyway.... Day 4I found myself getting a bit breathless on my 1st day back when taking accutane it did go off after a while though.I did only have 1 slice of toast though at 5 when i had to wake up to prepare for work so i had toast then took my tablet.I also noticed my lips was starting to get dryer that was all really yesturday and no new spots appeared except i do have a big one at the moment on my back i hope that one goes soon.
  3. ahh right thanks for clarifying what IB means.I am glad a bit now that i am taking accutaine at my age which is 18 cause there is some people who keep saying they wish they started it sooner like yourself and im glad im taking it now cause i have the rest of my life ahead of me and i dont really want that to be affected by "acne"...god i hate that word.So hopefully it will start working soon and then i can live a normal life again ) Keep Smiling! Ben
  4. Oh and i forgot to ask whats a "IB"?.I have noticed a lot of people use the word on this forum but im not sure what it means i hope i dont sound thick Keep Smiling Ben
  5. Aww i hope the accutaine works out for you.I know what you mean when you say you look in a mirror and i also sometimes feel like crying but i have found recently there not that bad and i feel good about myself but i have had stages in my life where i do feel like crying and have often hated looking through a mirror.I have also tried everything and now im really hoping accutaine will work for myself i am feeling positive it will work but you also have the doubt it won't.I hope that everything wor
  6. Day 3 Today i havent had any new spots come up and the one under my lip has gone down thank god.I am finding im itching more round the back of my neck and behind my right ear.I also noticed that my lips are cracking a bit too and have found a bit of dry skin at the top of my left arm and ive put some of the Aveeno on both arms so i dont get too dry.I was in the bath last night and when i come back out and started to style my hair i noticed i had small bits of hair coming out but cause i know yo
  7. Day 2Today i felt my spot under my lip has got bigger from yesturday and i felt this morning like pete burns my lip has really swollen and i have also got a yellow head near my nose.It seems there starting to come out of my system but its only day 2?? is this normal??.I havent had any side effects yet *touch wood* and i havent got dry yet either. Take Care
  8. Well i have started my accutane treatment i took my 1st pill this morning.I cant say i have had any side effects although i wont have really seen as its my 1st ever pill and plus it takes time to go in your system.I have noticed i feel a bit oily though it should go though cause you apparently go very dry so i think it should do.Anyway i will update you all tomorrow. Take Care
  9. Hi Bucko, Thanks for the luck....Yeah i hope the side effects wont be too bad i have bought my vaseline today too ready for my lips (I'm all prepared now).I hate drinking water but i look like drinking that.I cant wait to see what it will do and see the difference hopefully that it will make to me.It has affected my life a lot really and cant wait for it to all just to go away and for people to see the new me.I have been really depressed with it but recently it hasnt been that bad so i have been
  10. well i went to the hospital and im starting the accutane (isotretinoin) on Tuesday.Im going to be taking 30 MG all together once a day and they also provided a moisturiser called "Aveeno" 400g.They said just to use the moisturiser when i start going dry and to not use anything else.I am going back in 4 weeks for a blood test to see if its effecting anything and if not i think there upping the dose.The bloods went ok. I am in a way looking forward to this and seeing how it will improve my skin (
  11. thanks for the replies i am going to ask tomorrow if i can start taking them on Monday and see what they say.I went to the docs today to have my blood done and remembered not to have anything last night LOL.I have got the hospital tomorrow hopefully they will have my results by then.Will tell you all what they say tomorrow. Keep Smiling Ben
  12. Well i start my accutane treatment on the 25th Sept well i hopefully will if the blood tests come back to say that im ok to take accutane.Im going for my blood test on Monday now i went Tuesday this week but i forgot that i shouldnt have had anything from 10-12 on the monday night but i did and didnt realise till i went to doctors next day and the nurse said you havent had anything to eat and drink from 10pm from last nite have you and i was like yeah.I totally forgot about it so they had to rea