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  1. Hey no problem! Yeah I'm pretty careful. I definitely don't recommend going to town on them haha. But yeah, I'm definitely gentle about it because I don't want stuff getting aggravated. Thanks for the reply. And I'll check that clip out.
  2. Hey all! I've been around these boards on and off for the past couple of years, I've had acne on the sides of my face for about 4 years now (it's frustrating). I've really done a TON of things to prevent acne from the derm (three times) baking soda or egg stuff and gentle soaps to only using water. Well here's the thing.... No one else in my fam has acne. And this made me think...Why don't they have acne? Well what they do is they actually wash their face! With a wash cloth. I started to wash
  3. ive been using aqua glycolic for a couple days and i've been breaking out hardcore. is this supposed to happen?? im assuming its supposed to get worse before better.... and my redmarks look more red haha...so is it supposed to be that way also?
  4. anyone ever heard or tried of it?....for redmarks in general?
  5. well ive been using two-bladed disposables for a really long time now...but the shave is not really that close tho. so im figuring im gonna ditch them. but anyway, whenever i use a electrical shaver the shave is much closer and the dead skin is gone.....so.....im assuming this may make the red marks go away faster. and my skin seems to be more "shiny" afterward i guess haha. i think i may invest into a good electrical one too any opinions?
  6. whitening soap?....what is that exactly?
  7. when did you use mama lotion?....just right after you washed your face??
  8. bump, i would like to know this as well
  9. i live in the US. but i got it off the internet tho from a canadian site haha. ive been using it and it seems to be helping. But its also making me break out and its clogging my pores.....so im gonna limit it and see what happens
  10. are you exfoliating?.....cuz i pretty much had the same regimen as you and i kept on getting persistant pimples and so then i used baking soda with my cleanser and that cleared it up.....cuz the dead skin could be clogging your pores. but i also stopped using BP after a certain period of time cuz i found i didnt need it anymore
  11. manfal


    my face really doesnt get too dry....but i dont use a moisturizer and they are fading.....but everyones skin is different haha
  12. i finally got zincofax (40% zinc oxide) in the mail last night....wahoo..... anyway, i tried it last night on a little patch of marks that i have.....and i think it lightened them a little wee bit actually. but this is only after one night of course haha. it may all be psychological haha. but i will keep on doin this and keep you updated. ill probably update at the end of this week.
  13. i believe he is calling you a moron for saying something that is so moronic and dumb. actually its not even necessary for you to say that. hes not criticizing what you believe in