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  1. I was really worried that after stopping the doxycycline everything would just come creeping back. . . but it hasn't! I guess it's only been a couple of weeks, but still. This feels promising. I appreciate your guys' support. I hope to hear that you get some relief soon too! Cyn2711, any chance of switching back to your other birth control? Or finding a new one? Just some other notes on side effects: Since I started the 200 mg/day dosage, I have been experiencing some extreme fatigue. I'm
  2. Updates: I've just wrapped up my course of antibiotics (Doxycycline, 100 mg, 2x daily, 2.5 months). The doxycycline definitely brought me some much needed relief. I haven't had a cyst in over a month. I'm still getting some smaller things, but not that frequently. Compared to the cysts, these almost don't even phase me. The hyper-pigmentation is starting to fade, and is really only persisting along the jaw-line where the cystic acne had been most persistent and severe. If I'm wearing make-up, yo
  3. Hey Weid(wo)man, I'm at about 3.5 months now. I've been taking 150 mg/day for about two weeks. I'm not sure I'll know what's really going on until after I've finished the two months of the antibiotic. I'm sorry to hear the antibiotic didn't work out for you. I agree that's it's very hard to be patient and trust that the medication will work. Feels like I'm about out of other options though, unless I want to bite the bullet and take Accutane, and I'm just not sure I'm ready to take on that hell
  4. Quick update. My face had been improving, but as that damned time of the month drew nearer, it became worse once again. Seems to be that about the week before I actually start my period is the worst, and it improves afterwards. Which is a step up from when it was bad all the time and really bad around my cycle. This round did seem a little bit less severe, thankfully. Only a few cysts. Again, pretty sure this is Doxycycline doing all the work, but who knows for sure? Side effect note: just these
  5. 3 months on Spironolactone, 3 weeks on Doxycycline, 3 weeks on Differin While it probably doesn't look like things have improved, I am convinced now that they have, at least a bit. Most of the redness I have is residual from previous acne. My skin feels almost smooth now, even if it doesn't quite look it just yet. At least the hyper-pigmentation is relatively easy to hide with make-up. The problems that I'm dealing with now are smaller and quickly come to a head. No more cysts! At least for th
  6. Well, it's been about two weeks on the doxycycline now (plus the Spironolactone-2.5 months; plus the Differin creme-2 weeks). It's hard to tell (while comparing photos) if there's been much improvement, but I feel like maybe there has been. . . I still have a lot of hyper-pigmentation, which I think is masking the fact that there might be fewer active pimples (at least that's what I'm telling myself). There definitely seem to be fewer cysts though and that is certainly cause for celebration. At
  7. She couldn't really tell me. I told her that I'd read online that it usually took about 3 months, but also that it could take anywhere from 6 months to a year as well (hence my anxiety about waiting). She had only responded by assuring me that in all her years of dermatology, it has "never taken anyone a year to see results." It's been a little over a week on the Doxycycline now. No noticeable changes or improvements yet, but that would have been extraordinary. Hopefully I'll be back soon with s
  8. Had a dermatologist appointment today. She still firmly believes that I will start seeing results from the Spironolactone "soon." But I expressed that I had some anxiety while waiting for this to happen, and she agreed to prescribe me two months of Doxycycline. Even though it had seemingly quit working earlier this year, I have now been off of it for several months and have some hope that a new round will work to provide a temporary fix until the Spironolactone has time to reach full efficacy. S
  9. Updating, mostly because I feel like the first photo I posted doesn't really capture the extent/severity. Coming up on 2 months of Spironolactone now. The initial progress that I thought I was making has now pretty much been annihilated, and I'm back to nearly the same level of severity as when I began 8 weeks ago. Summoning every ounce of patience I have; feels like I haven't got much else to do. Wait, wait, wait. . .
  10. Even since last Thursday, things appear to have improved a little (*knocks on wood*). I quit using my Retina-A gel because all the dead skin sloughing off my face induced probably way too much scrubbing with a wash cloth to remove it. It also made my skin dry enough to require a moisturizer and, for the life of me, I have yet to find a moisturizer that I trust to not make me break out. I've tried everything from Burt's Bees Acne Lotion (which, in addition to seemingly make my acne worse, also ma
  11. I've been a fly on the acne.org wall for a while now, and have decided to make my presence known and *hopefully* catalog a story of progress on Spironolactone that can eventually give hope to others. I'll also take any words of encouragement, if you got 'em. The going is rough right now. My story: 28 year-old female. Typical hormonal cystic acne, I suppose I fall at "moderate." History: For about a decade I was on mainstream birth control that, without my knowing it, was controlling all a