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  1. Ok, so this is the one scar I'd like to improve. It has become tethered after a cystic breakout throughout october 2017 (Scar developed in early november) - haven't done anything to it yet. I'm waiting 6 months since it's probably still healing. I'm glad it's just one scar and not multiple. I'm aware of that there's a nerve to the left of it so I might be lucky that the scar is closer to the middle of the forehead. What would be the right thing to do?
  2. Subcision: they cut under the scar. Cora Therapy: they stick multiple needles under it, leave it there are move it a bit to stimulate it. This explains why there is a guy on this forum that did it himself with a sewing needle (very risky), but managed to get insane results without a nokor needle. Ofcourse you should combine this with dermarollers, stamps etc. to get a better result. I'd suggest that you choose subcision to raise the scar, and then a roller or peel to strengthen.
  3. How long do people wait with subcision on new scars? Mine is 2 months old and am wondering if waiting 6 months is the right thing to do. Thanks.
  4. I have found a study on subcision, proving that subcision with suction can help it level the surface. Is there anyone here that has done this before? The study also states that it can cause raised scars from this surgery due needling closer to the epidermis. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this themselves? Here is the study: http://owndoc.com/pdf/therapy-in-treatment-of-atrophic-acne-scars.pdf
  5. I hope you will return to inform us more about how you pulled this off.
  6. I'd suggest to keep it moisturized and indeed out of the sun. Consume healthy vitamin A and C rich foods, and be sure to keep the pores unblocked. Use a limited amound of make-up. I wish you all the best.
  7. how did you do? I got the exact same on my forehead, which Imo is worse. It's in the eye area where everyone looks at first. Anyways, I'm thinking of subcision soon I've read somewhere that TCA Cross made someones scars look even deeper. It all depends on the skin you have and how you react to the acid. I wouldn't go for this treatment unless you heal very well. Subcision and filler would be your best choice.
  8. Hey, it has been a while since you posted a picture. Did it change much?