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  1. so lets try to get a moderator to start one or something. if not then lets just discuss on this thread.
  2. so today i did an experiment. i ate everything thats possibly bad for you. chocolate, alcohol, a burger and fries, a soda, chocolate milk and string cheese. i also drank ACV this morning and just now. So tomorrow or the rest of the week, we will see if i will break out because of this, to truly see if my acne is caused by diet. which i doubt it is, its raging hormones in my body. jojoba oil is still working great
  3. jojoba oil is the only stuff i have been using for the past week. and its amazing, it helps my acne heal faster and it has reduced red marks slightly in just a week. i just wash my face with warm/hot water and then i put jojoba oil all over my face and rub it in till its fully soaked in. but just put a thin layer. at night i do the same thing. hope this helps
  4. yeah there should be a teen section just as there is an adult section.
  5. there needs to be a thread on teen acne, because i dont think diet helps teen acne, also if its hormones causing these acne break outs then what can we do to help acne internally? idk, i think my acne is hormonal, and i'm 18. i noticed that i ate pretty much whatever i want when i had few acne, but after i quit proactiv it got worse, and i have been dieting and seen some improvement but its still not much. i've heard about anti-androgens, what are some kinds to get and what are the side effects?
  6. i joined the Marines back in march, and i ship out for basic training in august and I also have noticed that no one has acne in the military. Hopefully mine will disappear also, but i havent figured out why???
  7. I've heard some people say that whole grains are bad for acne, while others say its good for acne. so which is it?
  8. well day three is almost over, and i have to say jojoba oil is pretty great. my pimples that i had when i started are gone. i have a few new pimples that are coming to a head. but the jojoba oil has already lightened my skin and it makes the pimples heal faster and hurry up and "pop" naturally. i had a pimple come up yesterday and its already gone today, just a very slight red mark. but i assume it will be gone tomorrow. i havent really paid attention to what i've eaten lately, nothing fried or
  9. End of Day One: Today i ate some chicken fajita meat, no tortillas, with some rice. And a turkey sub for dinner, and drank water all day I ran 1 mile and half in 10 mins after work I used nothing but jojoba oil and plain water on my face. The jojoba oil makes my skin feel good and smooth, also it keeps it from drying out my face. I also ordered a book today off of amazon.com. Its about dieting to get rid of acne. i should have it by thursday. i'm hoping the book will help me out further with
  10. yeah nothing works, any product that is sold at walmart or any other store that says it fights acne and clears skin doesnt work. truth is they dont want to find a cure, they make too much money off of ppl suffering from acne. if they found a cure then they wouldnt make millions of dollars like they do each year. sad but true
  11. OK, so i've tried almost everything in the book and i'm throwing it all out except one thing. JOJOBA OIL. This is what i'm gonna do. Wash face with warm/hot water Put JOJOBA OIL on face leave on for 10 mins and then rinse off of face in the morning At night leave the oil on all night long. DIET cut out sugar, cut down on dairy, no fried foods, and eliminate all foods with vegetable oil Eat plenty of fruit, and vegetables. Drink a protein shake once a day, after workout, with Flax Seed oil, so i