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  1. hi, Mst

    How is your skin now after the fraxel laser? please let me know! ;)

  2. actually drying your skin looks 25% better where pimples are not that noticeable, well atleast for me. but i still have them lol..anyways yea it is good to dry out but yes it is true that over time it leads to more wrinkles and aging..So to improvise get a Vitamin C soap, that will help keep the skin from preventing the wrinkles.
  3. acne may or may not go away..but usually it does.
  4. with my own experiences..nodules are the worst..also cysts since they always give me a scar
  5. Thank you hehe.. even though I asked about tea tree oil way back in Jan 2005!!! LOL

  6. i saw a post you mentioned about tea tree oil.. You can find it at the vitamin shoppe..its much more volume than GNCs so it is more bang for your buck

  7. yea hope in a jar is good stuff....my sister gave it to me...i put that on at night before i go to bed and it works wonders..why? i would have to say because their is lactic acid in there so it helps..
  8. ah thats a good one...hmm when was the last time i felt that i was attractive...hmmm...like 5 yrs ago...lol that was before i had acne
  9. yea alot of people stare at me and it pisses me off lol....what do i do...hmm well if they look at me i just stare at them back...make them look away first ...becuase knowing that they know you have acne they are goin to think that u will look away first but why give them the satisfaction... that does actually help me more..however when i look at some people they kind of give me that disgusting kind of look...i can like read their facial expression off their face " like ugh he is so ugly"
  10. with my own experiences...i feel the best BP to use is not a gel...but the vanishing cream...the difference is the gel is shinier..the vanishin cream is dull..vanishin cream is much better since it kind of makes the pimples fade out (turns from being red to a dull purple color)...plus it is much more effective...so far ive been doing this regimen and it has been working after my first procedure of lazer... Morning - BP put alot on rub it in gently untill it disappears on face
  11. well with my experiences..i usually feel bumps on my face...then within like 1-3 days where those bumps are irriation forms (redness) then within 24 hours a head forms where that irritation is.
  12. yea believe it or not i do not have asian skin however i do have scars on my back, shoulders, not so much my chest and face..plus i still breakout..well usualy they say that ur face will always be worse then ur back comes next then follows the chest..anyways i do have scars but they are just dark spots that do not go away..hmm..the only advice that i give to you all is do the glycolic acid peels like every other day for a month or so see how that goes...if you have too much irriation drop it to
  13. i have to say u gave it all u got... u fought it off...excellent transformation man thumbs up for u.