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  1. AM777

    Does not work!

    Does not work!

    I ordered this stuff on Amazon and took the pills every day for 2 months. I did not have any improvement during the first month and then during the 2nd month my acne worsened so much that I stopped taking the supplements after that. During this time I experienced head aches, very dry eyes and overall dryness of skin (preventing me from using most face washes designed for acne, because of how dry my skin already was from using the supplements). The company even tried to incentivize me to leave th
  2. AM777

    Gentle and does't dry out skin!

    Gentle and does't dry out skin!

    Great cleanser that doesn't dry out the skin!
  3. AM777

    Fantastic product!

    Fantastic product!

    Doesn't clog pores, great coverage yet light and clean on the skin. Plus it has SPF. I've been using this for years. 5 stars!