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  1. Thanks but there was no expiration date on the crimp, only the code that I gave in my above post. Would you know the expiration date from that code?
  2. I've used both vitamin E and jojoba oil, and there's no comparison. Vitamin E can cause breakouts, but jojoba oil? Never. I love that stuff.
  3. Wow, only 5 - 6 months? I was just reading glycolic acid should have a shelf life of several years. Maybe it's the licorice extract that goes bad? Admins? Thanks for your answer though!
  4. I have a tube of AHA+ here, but want to use up another product before I start this. There is no date on the tube but a code that reads DK55-4. Or OK55-4. Hard to read; not sure if it's a D or an O. The tube just arrived yesterday. Can you please tell me when it expires? Thank you in advance for your help.
  5. Thank you. will go research this! rush, I could not find Paula's article, but found an excellent article on WebMD. If you google WebMD+Sunscreen and Your Makeup Routine, you will find it. And thanks again for answering me on this. I am definitely going back to sunscreen under my makeup foundation. This article was a real eye opener. I'm having a hard time understanding why Dan doesn't make the use of SPF an essential part of his regimen; it is so important.
  6. Are you sure it's the moisturizer? The Regimen moisturizer is non comedognic, and I've researched the licorice extract in it. It is definitely acne-friendly, acts an anti-inflammatory (which is GOOD for acne), and some studies even claim it's anti-bacterial, which would be a plus for acne. My skin actually looks better since I started using it. It could be a coincidence or other reason you are breaking out. I'd hate for folks to start thinking this moisturizer causes acne.
  7. Does anyone do this? I've used an SPF lotion for years in the a.m., but now that I'm religiously using the wonderful Regimen moisturizer, I don't l ike piling on another moisturizer with SPF under my make-up. So I've started using a foundation base with SPF 18 (Maybelline Mineral Power Makeup). It goes on very nicely over Dan's moisturizer. I'm really loving the moisturizer with licorice extract. So soothing and gives my skin a nice feel, plus it's a fantastic makeup base. It is honestly
  8. Thank you Max! Just the explanation I needed. Now it all makes sense. Thank you again.
  9. I was just rereading the directions for the regimen. Why wait a full 10 hours between treatments? Isn't just doing it twice a day enough? Sometimes 5, 6 or 7 hours only pass before my second treatment on the regimen. Does it really make a difference as long as we do it twice a day? Thanks.
  10. ...and Erica, please read over my post. I was not condemning Dan for not giving us sunscreen; nothing of the sort. I was actually feeling protective of his regimen and did not want "experts" criticizing it because there was not enough stress on spf protection.
  11. Dan, I just read your revised sunscreen instructions on the regimen. FANTASTIC! Your regimen is the best. Those who choose not to wear sunscreen of course have the option. Like an above poster, stated, we are all adults. But now you stress the importance of spf, so everyone can make an educated decision. Thank you Dan.
  12. Thank you Dan. Your regimen is absolutely the best; why give anyone the opportunity for criticism. And Brandy, I use makeup with spf too. My doc said it's fine and unless you apply it very sparingly, you'll get spf coverage.
  13. Thanks Brandy. Because the first thing you hear dermatologists talk about when they talk about skin care isn't acne, wrinkles, or sagging skin - it's the importance of sunscreen. I have a few books on skincare, and one that focuses on acne, and they all boil down to sun protection as being crucial. I guess I feel this is such a great regimen, and we don't want anyone taking the opportunity of knocking this program for any reason.