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  1. Valerie22

    Help-Acne still after going Vegan

    safe foods would be salmon, spinach, kale, chia seed, flaxseed, sweet potato they were all known to fight acne
  2. Valerie22

    Help-Acne still after going Vegan

    I only put it where my previous breakouts have been, but I've put it all over my face sometimes and it didn't break me out or give me an IB. And it absorbs well on my skin, If you're going to try it you could just test on a certain area of your face and see :). I've read very good reviews from other people as well. My diet also helps my oily skin so I think you will be safe. xx
  3. Valerie22

    Help-Acne still after going Vegan

    I would for sure start taking vitamin d or get your level checked, it can be extremely helpful for many people as well as zinc your diet seems pretty good and I know how frustrating it is for a clean diet not to help! Just keep eating healthy for your body and its good habit to have regardless. You could also try jojoba oil it works wonders on my previous break out marks
  4. Valerie22

    Accutane 30mg

    I started on 10mg Accutane October 31st and started 30mg 6 days ago so I'm currently on day 35 of accutane and my face looks HORRIBLE. It looks sunburnt literally it looks like when I would go to Cuba and get burnt and covering it with make up gives it such an uneven, bad texture I'm still waking up with new pimples and I'm getting so frustrated I know its still early but it just looks so bad. My lips have also started to get way drier but my face is matte not super dry no oil at all though
  5. Valerie22


    how many mg?
  6. How did your appointment with your derm go? Just waiting on my blood test results so I can start. great! found out I was extremely low in iron, got a supplement and my hair isn't breaking off anymore and I have so much more energy. Im at 30 mg right now my face still looks bad and my lips are starting to get really dry
  7. Valerie22

    natural approach which doesn't really help

    I've tried all those diets too, no results its so frustrating! it does sound hormonal though so maybe try DIM? Ive read amazing reviews or try accutane. I just ordered it. Im currently on accutane, no results yet but I know there will be. If its effecting you I think you should, you'll be glad you did in the end! Hope everything works out
  8. Valerie22

    Hormonal acne female

    Not at all, Im from Canada so its quite cold and dry. I take vitamin D already since summers over. I just had my accutane upped to 30mg so hopefully results will be faster. I hope you find a cure soon
  9. Valerie22

    Hair loss and acne and iron

    just standard iron vitamin, I bought natures bounty iron plus I already feel like I have so much more energy
  10. Valerie22

    Hormonal acne female

    Thanks for the reply! I ordered DIM off Amazon by natures way yesterday. Have you tried it? I've read plenty of great reviews about it and its natural and not harmful like long term bc can be. It just sucks because I've read success stories about eating low carb for hormone balancing but my face just keeps getting worse! So frustrating! I will keep you posted when I get the DIM and let you know if it works for me Theres also estroblock and other supplements I am going to start with DIM
  11. I have natural thick and strong hair but the last few months my hair has been shedding like crazy! I was so scared and found out it can be a symptom of pcos since I also have had bad acne and fast hair growth on my body. I am currently on accutane but my hair was shedding months before. My hairs still thick but the amount that falls out scares me that it will start to thin out. I went to the dermatologist yesterday and after my blood work she said my iron levels were TWETNYNINE when the recom
  12. Valerie22

    11 weeks on Isotrtinoin

    look great!
  13. Valerie22

    Hormonal acne female

    I suffer from pcos and eat an extremely clean diet, I have had occasional cheat days but for a few weeks now I haven't cheated at all and my face actually looks worse and I'm losing weight fast although I'm already thin and I've read online that losing weight can actually effect your hormones and lose your period, Im just so confused and lost right now. Im on accutane 10mg its day 25 but my face is still horrible. I take vitamin d and saw palmetto and eat no dairy, no sugar, stick to under 50g o
  14. Yes I just don't want to miss out on this time of year because my face we all know how bad acne looks on winter days lol and thanks for the encouragement I'm so happy this site exists and we can all help each other xx. I have a dermatologist appointment Tuesday so hopefully I can ask to raise the dosage
  15. Pretty bad I don't usually get cysts but I keep getting them on my chin its horrible. Yes I am taking 10mg for a year and I have no idea but I've read that apparently theres more success with lower dosage over a long period of time or the same success with less side effects. I rather just speed up the process and start on high dosage. It doesn't even feel like I'm on accutane my lips aren't even that dry and either is my face. I hope ill get good results I'm feeling down and don't want to wake