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  1. Uh, don't telomeres shorten normally anyways? That's why we have the enzyme, telomerase to add more after cells divide.
  2. Good luck! I weigh around the same and my dermatologist will not up my dosage to ~60 mg. I'm on 40mg throughout the course and I'm curious as to why your dermatologist gave you 80mg off the bat and your acne is moderate. I wish I could be on that dosage
  3. Hope all goes well with your accutane progress! I'm also on day 20, so I hope the both of us achieve clear skin in the end .
  4. I hope your prescription gets filled! Also, to answer your question. I also weigh around ~135 ish, 5'7 and I'm on 40mg. I've been on this dosage for around ~20 days so far, so I'm not sure if my dosage will be upped next month. Your dosage should be 1mg/kg and 135lbs correlates to ~61 kg, so you're fine.
  5. Good luck! I've been on Accutane for 20 days so far, but I'm too lazy to make a log on it, haha. Hope everything goes well!
  6. I have a question for you. Why did your dermatologist up your dose every month? Shouldn't you have been fine at 40 mg? Just wondering cause I weigh around 130 and I'd like to inquire my dermatologist about upping my dosage. I'm currently at 40mg.
  7. Eww ^ Yeah. I hate having an oily face. That picture is from my cousin's reception and the oil was very noticeable. Every morning, my skin is really dry due to whatever reason. I usually just apply warm or cold water to my face to keep the dryness away, but it doesn't work that well! What moisturizer do you guys recommend? That day, I used my sister's Cetaphil moisturizer, which was a bad mistake. Also, I'm kind of hesitant using moisturizer, because I don't know if it'll make me breakout or not
  8. I use Maxi-Peel. That stuff works. I'm about to go and ask my sister to order more. You can only use it for a maximum of 2 months though, then take a break for a month and restart. It contains hydroquinone and trentinoin.
  9. To whoever used Maxi-Peel. Could you tell me the color of the solution you had? Mine looks brownish-red.
  10. If you've ever tried this product please post your opinion/review on it.
  11. Oops, I meant Meladerm.
  12. I just wanted to know if anyone purchased this and your opinion on this product.
  13. A few red bumps? If it was just that, I wouldn't be posting.
  14. Yeah, but what happens if the treatment the Derm gives makes my body worse? Would going on accutane or something get rid of these scars and bumps? ( I have way more scars than pimples)