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  1. Anything new on these?? I was considering trying them but wondered if anyone else has tried them since?? Thanks in advance
  2. Ha -- Because I am dyslexic... I will surely update on my progress.... So far it seems I am getting worse.. I went thru this EXACT crap last July... Little bumps all over my cheeks - So I am not blaming CTRL (woot) for the 'worsening' just mentioning it. Last year "skin Id" cleared me up (momentarily) I tend to build tolerances to stuff and they quit working
  3. I tried Nature's cure and it did nothing for me... We are all different, I know. I am on day 3 of Cntl AND on my 'cycle' so am in the midst of a bad breakout... We shall see!! I'll keep you guys/gals posted!!
  4. So is anyone using or having success with this Cntl?? I just ordered some to try, as I am having another flare
  5. Actually I had emailed her a total of 4 times... getting more desperate all the while asking that she just let me know if it did indeed ship because I was scraping sample jars and needed some ASAP (I hate my skin and will not leave the house without my mineral foundation) SHE NEVER REPLIED AT ALL!!!!!! Tuesday morning (the 18th)((11 days after placing SMM order ) I went ahead and ordered from EDM ... My DH called me at work Thursday and said you got BOTH your mineral pkgs.... So it to
  6. I'm the same way - MUCH RATHER leave my hair down. I even went and got bangs last week just to cover more of it. UGH!! As far as foundation, if it's something you are going to use daily, I'd definitely check into mineral concealer/foundation. MUCH better for the skin!!
  7. Natural hair color is dirty blonde, but I color it a medium brown. Furthermore: Brown hair Brown Eyes Beige/Olive Skin tone
  8. Well, IDK what the deal is. My pkg from SMM was "said" to have been shipped well over a week ago. I was provided with tracking; etc and UP TILL that point the communication between myself and the owner there was great!!! She replied to all my questions within no more than 24hrs from the time I sent them; etc etc. I expressed that I was in a hurry for my products when placing my order early Friday, and was upset when she didn't ship it Friday, nor Saturday... but by Monday I received a delive
  9. Newly converted: Light Medium (beige) and Light Neutral (buff) blend 1:1 Why oh why did it take so long for me to try this line of minerals... I LUV LUV LUV them!!! I requested my sample kit a week or so ago and within 2 days it was in my mailbox.... Neatly pkg'd and generous samples if I might add!!! I tried out the Fairy Light neutral (buff); Light Medium (beige) and Light neutral (buff), as well as a blush and concealer (picked those 2 all wrong) The Light Medium Intensive and Light Ne
  10. I just ordered the samples myself... They came really fast and are great!! EDM is definitely in the running for my fave!!
  11. Haahaa!!! No I just meant for her to be able to personally thank you hun... LOL Thanks again for spreading the word luv I may never have found them otherwise!!
  12. Thanks Sweetie!! I checked their site, but couldn't find the samples?? I did go forth and order from SmokyMountainMinerals and have samples coming from a couple others to try. Also, Siavia.... the puff top was in stock
  13. I began using Skintactix about 6 weeks ago and have had good results. I didnt have a lot of inflamed acne, mostly non-inflamed - blackheads - and little bumps containing hard crap!! I've used this religiously and about 70% of the little bumps are gone. There are still some but nothing like there was. Only issue is it is somewhat drying, mainly around my eyes and nostrils.. So I added a couple drops of moisturizer to my regimen and that cleared it right up!! I will be sure to report back o
  14. I'd have to say my maximum coverage concealer brush from ID Bare Ess, I used it with any mineral foundation; concealer; etc and it makes my blemishes non-existent!! So that is my numero uno!!! Followed by: Mineral foundation Mineral Concealer Colorstay black eyeliner A hair tie around my wrist That'll do it...
  15. i would recommend a mineral makeup bisque or multi-tasking concealer. I use the Bare Minerals "max coverage concealer brush" and even plain mineral foundation covers my spots up when using that brush!! Plus IMHO mineral makeup is soooo much better for your skin than any liquid.